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Oh boy.  This is good.

The caption:

"Mitt Romney gives us examples of "context"."
Gold. And a perfect retort to Ann Romney's "my husband was taken out of context" interview regarding the 47% stuff.  An ironic headline by Jonathan Capeheart of the Washington Post comes to mind: Romney ‘redistributes’ Obama quote out of context.


It's bad enough that top Romney campaign staffers like Stuart Stevens highlight everything that's wrong with Romney's disastrous election campaign.  They also don't seem to realize what they're up against:

"...a well-funded incumbent, an inspirational orator, who ha[s] assembled an experienced, battle-hardened campaign staff that underst[ands] the electoral map as well as any in history"
I'll add that the Obama campaign has one of the most spot-on, pitch-perfect, rapid-fire response records in the game (see "This Seat's Taken", the "Born in the USA" tweet, Obama's "47 Percent" web video, Stephanie Cutter just on her own, etc).


By now, I'm sure you may have heard the ZOMG "game-changer" comment Obama made on the Univision interview (Obama did not, I repeat, did not use browning suntan cream, unlike Mitt "Look at those clouds...look at those things" Romney).  

The comment, which Greg Sarget of The Plum Line rightfully calls "the dumbest non-troversy ever" was as follows:

“The fact that we haven’t been able to change the tone in Washington is disappointing. We know now that as soon as I came into office you already had meetings among some of our Republicans colleagues saying, `how do we figure out how to beat the president?’ I think that I’ve learned some lessons over the last four years. And the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside. And that’s how the big accomplishments, like health care, got done, was because we mobilized the American people to speak out...something that I’d really like to concentrate on in my second term is being in a much more constant conversation with the American people, so they can put pressure on Congress to move some of these issues forward.” -Obama on Univision
Fairly benign, no?  On Twitter, @BenBuzzfeed made it out to seem like Obama's greatest gaffe ever, and the right wing (including Romney already) have pounced as though it's going to save the Romney campaign or whatever.  Even the reliably smart, well-reasoned Ezra Klein wrote a confused, hastily-assembled, sometimes-rambling piece "Obama's unconvincing theory of change".  I guess that's trigger-happy news cycles for you, but the POTUS's response to this kerfuffle is, as usual, pitch-perfect:

Not much of a controversy, unless, of course, you take his words out of context...ahh, another excuse to watch the Out-of-Context video again :)!


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