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I just saw this latest turdgasm from the Head of the RNC.

@Reince Obama ran almost solely on being able to bring change. Only brought debt, unpopular #Obamacare and acknowledgement he can’t bring “change”
Here's the thing, You can't have Bipartisan Change without having 2 Parties involved. President Obama offered solutions,  He offered a HealthCare plan that was designed by a Republican ThinkTank, had been implemented by a Republican Governor, and hardly included any progressive or Democratic Ideas (Single Payer/Public Option).

The GOP would have nothing to do with it.

He offered $4.5 Trillion in deficit reduction.  The GOP Blocked It.

He offered a Jobs Bill that would have created 2 Million Jobs. The GOP Blocked It.

He offered a Jobs Bill for Soldiers, who are at around 10% unemployment.  The GOP Blocked It.

He offered a Farm Bill in the middle of a massive drought.  The GOP Blocked It.

And they have the nerve, the fracking nerve to call Obama a "Failure"?

It's the GOP who have failed at their Constitutional and Patriotic Duty.  And they did it on purpose.

You don't have to trust me, all you need to do is search for "GOP Blocks"  then just read the headlines.

Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Bill

Amid tax posturing, Senate GOP blocks bill to encourage small business hiring

Senate Republicans block DISCLOSE Act for second straight day

GOP senators block top Obama jobs initiative

Senate GOP blocks Democrats' equal pay bill

GOP Blocks Bill on Rate for Loans to Students

Senate GOP blocks anti-outsourcing bill

US House GOP Blocks Violence Against Women Act

Senate GOP blocks Buffett Rule bill

House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for Raped Soldiers

Senate GOP blocks Obama infrastructure plan

GOP Blocks "Fiscal Cliff" Deal

Cybersecurity Bill Is Blocked in Senate by G.O.P. Filibuster

The GOP Has thrown American Workers, Veterans, Students, Small Business, Women who would not like to experience Violence, Women who would like to be Paid Equally, Raped Soldiers and the U.S. Infrastructure Under The Bus!

And they've done it for just one reason.  One single solitary reason.

Mitch McConnell: What can Americans expect from Republicans? Some people have said that it was indelicate of me to suggest that our top political priority over the next two years would should be to deny President Obama a second term. But the fact is if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the Health Spending Bill, to End the Bailouts, Cut Spending and shrink the size and scope of government the only way do all of these things is to put someone in the Whitehouse who won't Veto any of these things
And then there was this:

Sharpton: The Night of the inauguration there was a group of Republicans, you among them, that was committed to the defeat of President Obama.


The plan was to show unyielding opposition to the President economic policies.

Gingrich: It was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it.

They did it to Destroy the Presidency of Barack Obama. They did so Reince Priebus could send out assholish tweets like this.
@ReinceWhat Obama said: “You can’t change Washington from the inside”. What he meant: “I didn’t keep any of my promises- so I need an excuse.”
What Obama meant to say, but is too polite to, was he was Deliberately Sabotaged By GOP Seditionist who plotted like a pack of 5th Columnist to Undermine the President and the Nation.  Then they implemented that plot, and are trying to pull a David Copperfield Magic Trick to make us all think it's somehow all the President Fault.

But we can all see the wires and dove feathers sticking out of their pocket.

The Real Change we can only Hope for - is that the GOP will soon relocate their Love For America once again. Somehow, I'm not hopeful of that - only that we might be able to rout these traitorous fuckers from Office.

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