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This story was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine. It's not much more than a link to a blog, but the cover is there as is the original and a quote from the man claiming to be the photographer.

I'd love to actually embed the pictures but I don't know how :( (that is embarassing to say)

EDIT: Thanks Hungrycoyote!!

But the cover they show of the National Review is indeed the cover their website shows for the October 1st issue!

National Review

As you can see, the cards that the Obama supporters were holding read "Forward" while those being shown on the National Review cover read "Abortion"

Todd Sumlin writes: “I am a photographer at The Charlotte Observer. I was on the photo platform directly behind the President at the Democratic National Convention. Attached is a photo from that same angle. As you can see, the posters the North Carolina delegates are holding were changed from ‘Forward’ to ‘Abortion.’”
I'm trying to find more about this. I will update if I do.

Update: As found by Docterry, the NR speaks!

The image used on the cover and the contents page of the October 1, 2012, issue of National Review, in both the print and various digital editions, was altered by National Review. It is not the original photograph as provided by Reuters/Newscom, and therefore should not have been attributed to this organization, nor attributed to the photographer
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