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Wisconisn Governor Scott Walker gestures as he addresses the second session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 28, 2012 REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES  - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)
I'll bet he's not smiling now.
Holy Friday news dump!
Gov. Scott Walker may be called to testify as a prosecution witness in the trial of former Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch, a court filing shows.

Rindfleisch faces four felony misconduct charges for doing campaign work while at her job in Milwaukee County as deputy chief of staff to Walker in 2010, when Walker was county executive and a candidate for governor.

(bolding is mine)
Several other Walker appointees and associates also appear on the witness list filed by Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf.

They include:

Brett Davis, state Medicaid director. He was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in 2010. The criminal complaint against Rindfleisch says she worked extensively on fundraisers for Davis.

Michael Huebsch, state administration secretary under Walker and a former Republican state lawmaker. He's described on the trial witness list as an "event host," likely a reference to a particular campaign fundraising event.

Cullen Werwie, spokesman for Walker at the Capitol. Werwie was Davis' campaign manager for his lieutenant governor bid. Werwie has been granted immunity from prosecution in the John Doe probe.

Keith Gilkes, Walker's 2010 campaign manager and former chief of staff at the Capitol. He left his state job a year ago.

James Villa. He worked as Walker's chief of staff at the county and helped on Walker's county executive campaigns. Villa is also described on the witness list as an event host.

There are 35 people listed on the witness list.  

Interestingly, while Scott Walker had a near instantaneous response to a judicial smackdown of Act 10 earlier this week, there has been no response to calls and emails requesting his reaction.

The trial is scheduled to start October 15.


I can't imagine what he might have to say that would help prosecutors in this case against a former top aide of his.  Or what he might be asked to reveal about his participation in these events.  Or what might just slip out (this guy has political saavy, but he's none too bright and prone to bragadociousness).

Stay tuned.

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More:  Please Mr. R-Money, Follow Walkers Advice Edition:  Hahahaha!  Scott Walker wants R-Money to use Paul Ryan MORE.  

Gov. Scott Walker Friday  told WTMJ-AM host Charlie Sykes that Mitt Romney should use running mate Paul Ryan more in his campaign.

“I thought [picking Ryan] was a signal that this guy [Romney] was getting serious, he’s getting bold; it’s not necessarily even a frustration over the way Paul Ryan’s been used but rather in the larger context. I just haven’t seen that kind of passion I know Paul has transferred over to our nominee, and I think it’s a little bit of pushback from the folks in the national campaign. But I think for him to win, he’s gotta [do] that.”

Walker added, “They not only need to use [Ryan] out on the trail more effectively, they need to have more of him rub off on Mitt because I think Mitt thinks that way but he’s gotta be able to articulate that. … I think too many people are restraining him from telling [his vision].”

I hope he does.  Being booed by the AARP and others plus joining the daily gaff-o-rama is just what we need to ensure a blowout victory in November.

For those not in the Milwaukee area, Charlie Sykes is one of several RW hate radio show hosts.  While Walker avoids the media like the plague, he's is a frequent guest on those radio shows so he can talk directly to his base.

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Even MORE More:  State Medicaid Contract Blows Up in Their Faces Edition:  It's a sad story, but indicitive of the incompetence of Walkers cronies.

Criticism and complaints are mounting against LogistiCare, Wisconsin's new medical transportation provider for Medicaid recipients.

State legislators are asking for an audit on the problem-plagued company and disability rights groups want quality control to be shifted outside the company.

Since LogistiCare took over services for people in six greater Milwaukee counties Sept. 1, more than 100 complaints from all over the state have poured in to interest groups, legislators and the Journal Sentinel.

Patients say they miss lifesaving appointments because their scheduled rides never show up, that they are put on hold for up to an hour when calling to schedule a ride, and that they get stranded for hours waiting for a pickup.

And Walkers appointee head of the Department of Health Services is trying some ass-covering:

As the Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday, officials from the Department of Health Services have said LogistiCare is reducing wait times, which last week were still above the maximum three minutes mandated in the state contract. In the letter, legislators question whether the hold times released by LogistiCare actually reflect what's going on.

"Under LogistiCare's contract, they handle the complaint phone line and any reporting of complaints," a draft of the letter states. "Under their services they claim that every call is answered within 3 minutes, however it counts the call as being answered if it transfers you to another robo-menu."

The letter says there's a lack of oversight of LogistiCare, which has an incentive to not provide rides because it's paid by person rather than by ride. The ombudsman responsible for making sure riders' rights are protected is a LogistiCare employee.

Republicans just love to privatize everything to funnel taxpayer funds into the pockets of business, but this one takes the cake not only with horrendous service but the way the contract is actually written. According to the LogistiCare contract with the State of Wisconsin, only those denied rides inappropriately can report the problem to the state.  Others are only allowed to report the problem to LogistiCare.  

Alan Freed, an attorney with Disability Rights Wisconsin, received more than 100 complaints since Sept. 1:

Freed said one of the group's goals is to persuade the Department of Health Services to modify its contract with LogistiCare so that quality control can be performed by a neutral third party.

"It's a question of the fox guarding the henhouse when LogistiCare is a clearinghouse of complaints," Freed said. "And the state is only hearing about them after the fact through LogistiCare's logging of these complaint calls. Who's guarding the fox? What does DHS have in place to ensure that the information on complaints they're receiving from LogistiCare is actually reflective of the complaints people are making?"

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This space for rent until there's more Friday News Dump Day News.

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Originally posted to Puddytat on Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 01:51 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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