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So I have - like everybody else here - been marveling at just how bad a campaign RMoney can run, and just how unlikeable he (and Lyin' Ryan) can be when cut loose to say what is on his mind.

And so I got back to thinking about some of my early "predictions" on this race, and I think I got one right and one at least half wrong.

Come below if you want to know what those two predictions were...

The one I got right:

The first one was my agreement with drdemocrat, when he said:

The more voters see Romney the LESS they (53+ / 0-)

like him.

President Obama, January 9, 2012: "Change is hard, but it is possible. I've Seen it. I've Lived it."

by Drdemocrat on Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 02:42:50 AM MST

My comment in support of DrDemocrat

The one I only got half correct was when I posted early in September when polls were close and people were comparing 2008 polls at the same time with the ultimate 2008 outcome.  At that time I noted that the big change in 2008 was the economic meltdown and the impact that had on the election.  I noted in my comment:

And that is what sprung Obama loose in 2008. So this stays close till the end ..... unless (and not an unreasonable "unless") RMoney continues to demonstrate what an inept and out of touch campaigner he is -- kinda like he did today with with off shore tax haven comment and his "nobody checks my birth certificate nonsense.
economic meltdown

But really - would could have predicted just HOW inept RMoney has been?  I mean, in the end I think we are seeing that the "RMoney Meltdown" is just as much of a driver of this election cycle as the "Economic Meltdown" was of the 2008 cycle.

And I just don't see him or his staff having the capability of finding a bottom.  Today being a classic example with his release of taxes in which he #1 contradicts his own statements about it being unamerican to pay more taxes than you have to, #2 blatantly trying to obfuscate his own minimal rate by not claiming deductions legally earned, and finally #3 expecting people to accept his "average" rate of 20% over 20 years.

Dumb, dumber and dumbest.


RMoney's campaign next week

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