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According to the BBC, a huge demonstration against Islamic militants in Benghazi ended when ordinary citizens stormed the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, the Islamist militia responsible for an attack on the US Embassy. 30,000 protesters marched today against the Islamist group, with the march culminating in a spontaneous attack on the Militia Headquarters. A number of buildings and vehicles have been torched.

The BBC Also Reports that Libyan Security forces joined in with the protesters, attacking a number of militant facilities and forcing the Militia to flee.

The story is still breaking, and there aren't a lot of details yet.

Here's the poster for today's "Save Libya" protest:

Most of the news sites are running with this image:

These images were just tweeted out. First of the protest march:

I think those are Berbers on horses.

Then, of the Militia Headquarters:

Libyans were so horrified by the actions of this militia that they, the ordinary folk of Libya, have risen up against it in force. The whole country needs to know this, and needs to see these images.

5:57 PM PT: I now have confirmed reports including the RT Article posted below by Phil S 33, that the Libyan citizens stormed the facility under heavy fire from militia members. At least eight people are reported wounded at this time, including BTV cameraman Ali Ramli.

6:13 PM PT: Current sources say that there are no deaths, and only one "serious abdominal" injury from tonight's battle.

The people of Benghazi are jubilant.

"Who needs predator drones?" one of them tweeted.

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