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#Greetings, TWEETers and Kossacks!

If you missed the DKos TWEETers intro, see it here, for mission statement and goals: New Group - DKos TWEETers

Yesterday, I covered the Intro to Twitter, what it is, how to register and build a Twitter Feed.

Today: How to embed a Tweet (yours or anyone's) and Voting on the Hashtag to use going forward, to signal to Kossacks at large that they should RT or retweet (covered in the Intro to Twitter diary).

The deets are below the Fleur-de-kos....

Most people have, by now, seen an embedded Tweet, either here at DailyKos or elsewhere around the Internet.

Twitter, being a "more is better" sort of application is happy to aid you in promoting their brand bringing Twitter to your home on the Internet.

There are great User Help guides at Twitter itself, you can find it at (also covered in the Intro to Twitter diary).


Visual Guide to Embedding Tweets

Find the Tweet you want to embed. (fig 1)

Step 1: find the Tweet you want to Embed

Use the 'Expand' link to expand the Tweet to access the "details" link. (fig 2)
(fig 2) Use the "Expand" link to open the Tweet, so that you may embed it.

Expanded view of a Tweet (fig 3)
(fig 3) This is the Expanded View of a Tweet.

Use the "Details" link to open a new Twitter page to access code for embedding, you must mouseover the "Details" link for it to turn color and highlight. (fig 4)
(fig 4) Mouseover the "DETAILS" link to highlight it,
then click it to access the Twitter mode to capture the code to embed it.

Use "Embed this Tweet" link to access embedding code (fig 5)
(fig 5) Detail View of Tweet. Use "Embed this Tweet" link to access embed code.

See the Tweet in CODE VIEW. Handy Tabs allow alignment and code options (if you wish) (fig 6)
Use the available TABS to choose alignment.
If you click a TAB, the code will briefly DISAPPEAR/FLICKER.
Be patient, it will reload momentarily. (fig 6)

Mouseover/Drag mouse over the displayed code to highlight, then Right-click and COPY it. (fig 7)
Confirm alignment is correct.
Then mouseover/drag mouse over code and highlight, rightclick and COPY. (fig 7)

How to close "CODE VIEW" (fig 8)
How to close the CODE VIEW window. (fig 8)

Paste code into your Comment or Diary (fig 9)
Pasted into your Comment or Diary, this is what the code from THIS EXAMPLE ONLY looks like. (fig 9)

and this is what the finished product looks like embedded on DailyKos:
When you first embed a Tweet here on Daily Kos
It will look sort of like a regular blockquote box
shaped like a Tweet
Wait a few moments or refresh your page
You'll see the Tweet as it should be.
And that's just how easy it is.
1. CLICK on Tweet
2. CLICK on 'expand'
3. CLICK on 'details'
4. CLICK on 'Embed this Tweet'
5. CLICK on orientation (option)
6. MOUSEOVER and HIGHLIGHT to copy code
7. CLOSE code view
8. EMBED code in your comment or diary
This method works to embed Tweets everywhere, not just on DailyKos.
Happy TWEETering!

Now, on to the important issue:

What Twitter Hashtag should the DKos TWEETers Group use??

Please VOTE in the Poll to make a choice - OR - write your alternative choice in a comment.

I will run another diary tomorrow, Sunday, Sept 22 in the PST afternoon hours, and repost the results from today, and re-run the poll, for those who missed today's entry.

If you are a current user of Twitter, please post a Comment and tell the rest of your Twitter #UID, so that we can all FOLLOW you over there.

Upcoming DKos TWEETers HOW TO:
Sunday Sept 22 will feature a re-run of today's poll and how to create a LIST on Twitter. See you all there!
From the comments, an invitation from our friends at ONN (Obama Nightly News) to use the Information which they locate combined with our TWEETing skills, to send it out to the #WorldWideWeb via #Twitter, and bring new eyes to #DailyKos to read their offerings!

So let's take them up on it, shall we?

Here is a Google generated short URL to use in your Tweet.
Short URL:

That short link goes to tonight's ONN diary:War Declared on Republican Obstructionists

Remember to use a DailyKos hashtag to ID your Tweet to other Kossacks. We'ver been using #DKosTWEETers as a stop-gap but it is too long. So, please use it tonight, but VOTE IN THE POLL (or drop a comment) and help us choose a new, shorter, Easy to identify as from DailyKos/Kossacks on Twitter.
(or try one from the Poll, you never know who is reading YOUR TWEETS).



Welcome to the DKos TWEETers!
Feel free to practice with tonight's diary:

Obama Nightly News: War Declared on Republican Obstructionists
Obama Nightly News is published every night at 9 pm. Find it here:
Obama Nightly News Archives
Fired up! Ready to Go!
by 2thanks on Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 06:59:06 PM PDT


Originally posted to My .02¢ from The Other Washington on Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 06:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by DKos TWEETers.


DKos TWEETers Twitter #Hashtag - CHOOSE ONE

5%1 votes
22%4 votes
5%1 votes
0%0 votes
5%1 votes
0%0 votes
5%1 votes
11%2 votes
44%8 votes

| 18 votes | Vote | Results

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