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While cruising the web today, reading my favorite political sites, I have found much to encourage my belief that President Obama is going to win BIG. Things look especially good here in Macaca country, otherwise known as Virginia. We have Northern Virginia and the Virginia Beach area which are strongly blue and we can expect them to carry the state for Obama. However, my home county, Fauquier, has been resolutely red for too long for memory to serve. Only 50 minutes from D.C. - if you go before or after rush hour! - it nevertheless has been proudly backwards for generations. Then today I heard some very encouraging news from my daughter who was out canvassing for Obama. Like another diarist in Fauquier Co who reported earlier this week, my daughter found most people pleasant and willing to listen. She found folks who will vote for Obama and said so loud and clear. Now, this county has been so under the red state evil that, for many years, Democrats I know have literally been afraid to post signs or put stickers on their cars for fear of retribution. Follow after the Fleur de Kos.

Now I am seeing Obama signs all over town. And another small but telling anecdote from my daughter convinced me to write this diary. Apparently the local 7/Eleven has Obama and Romney cups for their soda fountain. As of this evening, there were plenty of Romney cups but the Obama stack was dwindling. She said she and her fellow canvassers had to smile over that!

HoundDog wrote in his diary concerning the President's comment tonight "Does Mitt Romney want me to go to war?", that he was so sick of Romney commenting on the President's foreign policy when he, Romney, has no experience whatsoever. Mr. HoundDog, apparently you are not alone. From what I am seeing and hearing, only the most died-in-the-wool Republicans, with fingers in their ears and possibly a barf-bucket around their necks, will pull that lever for Romney come election day. Everyone else seems to recognize the lies and obfuscations for what they are. And they are revolted.

Lastly, to get a short break from politics tonight, I caught up on tumblr. I "follow" 35 tumblr accounts, mostly on non-political, fun subjects. I was stunned to find four different, non-political sites with anti-Romney jokes/polls/information on them. These are run by young people, and I have seen a sprinkling over the last week, but tonight there was a deluge, with hundreds of people commenting and agreeing. The Rethugs are right to try to suppress the votes of young people, because they are having none of their hate mongering, and they see right through the bullcrap. I am delighted and so encouraged that I just had to stop lurking and share. Wish us luck here in Fauquier County, VA. Maybe Macaca, Romney, and all they stand for will finally be drowned in a sea of BLUE, even in this most RED county!

Originally posted to liberalfrombirth on Sun Sep 23, 2012 at 10:08 PM PDT.

Also republished by Virginia Kos and Community Spotlight.

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