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Uh, liberals. Do you know what a strike is?

Do you know what decent people are supposed to do during a strike?

Now let's forget for a second that American football isn't a sport so much as a gladiatorial contest fought largely by minorities where screaming Americans cheer for brain damage. Let's forget that this is a "sport" that couldn't possibly care less about the fundamental lack of safety guaranteed its "workers." Let's forget that this ultimately means that's it's a terribly designed/regulated team "sport" at this point in 2012.

But for Pete's sake, as liberals and as Americans have we forgotten how a strike works? Stop watching NFL games and start supporting union principles. Stop watching TV and start watching out for scabs. When union workers are on strike, it's not enough to complain. You don't go to the scabs and buy their product. You get on board and you boycott until it's over.

I contend that until a team sports industry makes its sport a humanitarian enterprise that doesn't threaten the brain health of players, then it's not much of a team sport. It's not black and white, every sport is dangerous in some way. But just because there aren't clearcut lines doesn't mean that decent Americans can't see when an industry is well over them.

Just because factory work is still unsafe doesn't mean we don't draw lines and demand rights for workers.

The NFL has fundamental problems, American football as a sport has fundamental problems.

It's time for decent Americans (and that always starts with liberals) to start tuning out the NFL until they join the 21st Century.

It's one thing that the NFL can't protect the integrity of its sport and its rules. It's one thing that they couldn't care less about protecting the brain health of the people who play.

But it's another thing entirely for Americans to go on watching as if it didn't matter. It's time to sack up and put your money where your mouth is on worker's rights. Americans who won't give up their precious football team for a season sound like whiny hypocrites when they complain about other industries. It's just a sport, for Pete's sake, and as such, IT DOESN'T MATTER who wins. But the people are real. The union issues are real. So it's time for liberals and Americans in general to do what's right. Tune out the NFL.

12:04 PM PT: Disturbing reaction from so-called liberal football fans. Calling black quarterbacks "dogs" isn't acceptable, no matter how much you may hate them. There's a very dark and ugly racist undercurrent to much of football fan culture (even among liberals), in their lack of care for the large number of African Americans in the NFL who will inevitably suffer brain injuries so American fans can watch them get beaten to a pulp. I find it to be very creepy. And it can be seen in the comments in this diary.

somebody strapped Vick to the top of their car? (2+ / 0-)

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by Deep Texan on Tue Sep 25, 2012 at 11:54:41 AM PDT


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