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“Unions, those despicable freedom participating thugs.” So assumes the Fascisto Walker, the modern father of the Packer's downfall on Monday night and the tarnished result of what is currently the NFL.  Lets be clear, if there were successful unions in early 20th century Germany and throughout Europe, death camps would not hold up in the contract binding with those corporations that dealt so many millions of deaths to it's slaved employees. But of course, not only is that thought hilarious if not for the morbid reality of that whole fiasco, but also unions would have been the antithesis of the Nazi objective where the literal rule of law was in their own words, Corporate Fascism. Remember, this was before fascism was such a bad name.

But, “Hail Mary”, can we have some freedom and democracy for us with no voice.

Evidence has already been shown that the NFL club owners can afford the benefits deserving of any mankind, but yet the theory of the NFL is that well, they just don't want to supply it. Here, part of letter by the head of the NFL Referees Assn., Tim Millis outlining quotes and positions by the NFL and it's owners:

Why does the League want to do this? Is the League in financial distress? Does the League see its financial future as bleak? Not hardly. The League states that it desires to eliminate the defined-[benefit] plan because other American businesses are moving away from such plans to a defined-contribution type plan. However, 18 of the League’s member clubs continue to retain their defined-benefit plans for their employees.
Negotiations are of course are part of the democratic process, but to drown out or even lock out their employees under the bar that there will be no pensions is right disgusting to the tone of third world meddling while grossly anti-humane. The NFL is just carrying on the Walker Wave of union busting and bullying voiceless employees out of the democratic process.

Whatever happens at the NFL spotlight sets a precedent for the less flashy industries throughout our nation. However much the NFL de-humanizes its employees and however much the NFL crushes democratic representation in its large and bureaucratic organization of 32 groups of extremely wealthy club owners is how much the NFL will in turn fuel the Walker Wave of union busting and crushing democracy.

Some of the main objectives of a union is to break down the bureaucracy of a large and faceless organization and stand up and push back against the extremely powerful and often times manipulative and brutal leaders of those organizations. Unions give powerless employees a voice.  This in turn gives these employees fair representation. This in turn is the power that fights slave wages in some repressive regime like corporations.

Lets be clear, the sole objective of a corporation is profit for their controlling board members and investors. Not modest profit. Not fair profit. Not even quality products, and especially not fair wages for it's employees. The only objective is profit, more profit and as much profit as possible. In a large dominating organization, this can get out of control where power is gripped at all corners of humanity and intimidation is lurking behind every turn. This is imperative as to why the NFL, a not for profit organization whom are “trustees” for the 32 NFL team clubs of understandably wealthy owners,  should halt their extension of Governor Walker's thuggish policies, and end the Walker Walk on their democratic and freedom participating employees. The NFL and it's owners should take at least a page out of Rahm Emanual's book and come to the realization that the quality of the product as well as the livelihood of ALL of those involved are very important and should not be chanced to defect--and come to a fair and humane agreement.

Union busting is a “wonderful” national pass time for freedom hating, anti-American bureaucratic thugs who despise democracy and love to use their dominating organizations as tools to subtly crush those progressive attributes in their Walker Wave for more power for themselves and only themselves.  With these organizations at the foothold of their treasure chests they earn on the backs of hard working, underpaid Americans, which often times include slave wages, they buy off politicians and over time, build up so much power that they now actually own governors in many populous states within these United States.  

Of these governors of course, Governor Scott Walker of the Green Bay Packer's Wisconsin, leads the wave that has spread to Ohio's Republican governor John Kasich who tried earnestly to strip unions of their right to bargain but was later slapped hard by the Ohio citizens when they won the right to put those measures on the ballot and won back their democratic rights; Republican governor Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania who will sign the un-intuitively named “Right to Work” law as soon as he can slip it underneath the public's nose; Republican Governor McDonnell of Virginia who sends congratulatory responses of “Courage” to the perp Scott Walker for busting unions that represent the little folks with no voices; Republican governor Chris Christie of New Jersey whom also enjoys taking democracy from Americans by limiting bargaining rights from workers and even goes so far as to call people who give the little guys voices as “Union Thugs”, a very dishonest attack meant to confuse the public, and also went above and beyond the people's right to bargain by signing legislation to reduce the pensions that teachers earned through years of hard work; Michigan's Republican governor Rick Snyder who likes to use the snake oil ruse of charm (also used by much of the others on this list) and the false sense that he will NOT attack unions, but then subtly supports the attacks that his republican state congress puts on his desk; Florida's Republcian governor Rick Scott who works continuously in an undemocratic fashion to limit a union's right to collect dues in order for them to operate and fight for hard working employees; as well as many other governors in deep red states that will never have a chance due to their culture and insistence in re-electing deep red Republican governors who will continue the Walker Walk all over all of their private citizen and democratic rights.  

Oh my with all these powerful and deceptive forces working against us working folk, can I get a “Hail Mary” for freedom and democracy for us working folk with no voices.

Of course a special mention should be given out for Wisconsin's very own Paul Ryan and his hypocrisy in his recent remarks bemoaning the lockout even while supporting Walker's anti-democratic union busting assaults and spearheading the Walker Wave in the U.S. Congress.

Walker, the father of today's undemocratic attack on people's bargaining right has a war chest in his vicious fight. He has the multi multi-billionaire Koch brothers and Koch industry playing his puppet master. So much so, that these undemocratic overlords even went so far as to buy the recall election that kept Walker and his anti-democratic policies at the head of Wisconsin. Walker is no more than a puppet than Kasich of Ohio is, Snyder of Michigan is, McDonnell of Virgina is, Corbett of Pennsylvania is, and Rick Scott of Florida is. However, Walker and his anti-democratic partner-in-thugs are union busting puppets with the power to destroy many millions of lives with the cowardly scratch of a pen at which many of them will later turn around and falsely make the cowardly claim of is an act of  “courage”, while getting padded with however millions from their Koch puppet masters as well as other anti-democratic corporations that enjoy crushing their employee work force into slave labor.

The point here is that the Walker Wave has spread to the NFL, and here is where we will see the test of how we treat our brethren.  So far the Walker Wave has emboldened corporate bullies like the NFL to destroy the livelihood of their employees like robbing them of their pensions.  The NFL has decided to tarnish the quality of their product and the culture of our sports enthralled society in the chase to destroy an employee's future in return for a few extra bones for the owners.

The faultiness of the product due to scab miss-calls have been detrimental to the product, but also shows that the powers that be are more interested in another yacht rather than the quality of the game and more important, the quality of their employee's livelihood. And why are they even attempting to do this madness? The Walker Wave has emboldened them. Recall the letter by NFLRA Chief Tim Millis:

The League states that it desires to eliminate the defined-[benefit] plan because other American businesses are moving away from such plans...
The Walker Wave has proven to be emboldening and extremely detrimintal to the lives of millions (and when I say millions, I mean all) of hard working men and women and threatening their families.

The 2012 season of the NFL is defected. It is no longer true. The playoffs will be false. And in effect, the history of the NFL will also be slightly defected with the wrong teams in the playoffs and possibly the wrong team holding the trophy in January 2013. Many people have already quit supporting the product due to the aggravation of faulty calls that change the fate of history on to the incorrect path.

Negotiations of course are fine and I hope the NFL would never follow completely through in the path of the corporate thug, Scott Walker's foot steps in trying to eliminate the union.  However, their brazen tactic of eliminating pensions and destroying the employee's livelihood is a tactic emboldened by the Walker Wave.

The disgusting practice of union busting is becoming a hot commodity in areas of our cultures where right wing ideology dominates the access to “Free $peech” brought to us by the likes of Governor Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and the rest of Walker Wave Republican union busting thugs.

The Packer's loss in Seattle is a direct result of Walker's disgusting attack on people lower than him.  The Walker Wave has risen to the NFL and has receded back to Wisconsin with doubtful playoff hopes and blood at the door of the Governor's mansion resided by Scott Walker.

The next time Scott Walker attempts to come out in a Packer's jersey, he may just get some cheese thrown at him.

Can I get a “Hail Mary!”?

[EDIT] I always wanted to sing with the Choir

Originally posted to jreal on Wed Sep 26, 2012 at 01:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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