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Hello all,

Please help us launch our new Russian Roulette Show in our lamentably "Entertainment vs Informational" Media Environment.

Where 50% of ALL donations and Member dues are paid to Surviving Contestants in Equal shares, Every Week.

[link removed]

We're seeking determined citizens to join us as part of our new push to create the next evolutionary step in Representative Democracy for modern civilization.

In which the Public finally makes use of our relatively new and vast abilities to communicate with each other.. to become the True Congress of the United States.. leaving the Houses of Congress to simple Formalizing of Public Decisions into Legislation.. or ELSE.. we Recall them from Office Immediately.

NOT waiting for any Next Election cycle.

Write-In Candidate Launches Russian Roulette Show (to finance Online Voter Pubs Industry)


Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 12:19 PM PDT

Hello all,

Please help us launch our new Show in our lamentably "Entertainment vs Informational" Media Environment.

Where 50% of ALL donations and Member dues are paid to Surviving Contestants in Equal shares, Every Week.

[link removed]

We're seeking determined citizens to join us as part of our new push to create the next evolutionary step in Representative Democracy for modern civilization.

Simple "Content Contributors" to our "Discuss!" Forum and Dues Paying Members.

Online Voter Pubs! Where every citizen can identify herself only to the management of the "Pub" and then develop an Anonymous Avatar Identity with which to discuss any and all topics of concern.. from pressuring the Mayor to fixing potholes on his/her street, to recalling any politician from any level of Government..

Avatar Icons will be enhanced according to average levels of dollar input and ALSO according to the wisdom displayed in their posts in the "Discuss!" Forum, as recorded by Dues Paying Members that flag their messages for importance.. Messages will be sorted and presented upon login so that those of highest importance are available for immediate reading.. along w/Member requested Skype interviews in which celebrities from anywhere on the planet are asked a list of questions suggested by the Membership.

As an immediately local issue example.. Police are underpaid.. we want them sleeping at home w/their families at night, not in their cars on a highway.. and they should be working for Police Chiefs that we ELECT.. rather than for people obligated/controlled by Mayors who Appoint them..

Calls for Political Pressure and/or Immediate RECALL will be presented for immediate attention, upon login, to members depending on locality.. records will be kept showing who Pledged to Participate in an action and then Showed UP (Democracies are run by those who Show Up..) or Didn't.

The "Scott Walker Recall" Organization might have succeeded with such an infrastructure in place.. nobody likes to be "publicly" flogged for not following through.

The other 50% of all funds will go to further develop our Pub.. which we hope will inspire Thousands of OTHERS, which can then all work together toward common goals, as well as..

my last minute and desperate CANDIDACY

as a Write-in Candidate for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I can no longer stand by and let the "Lesser of Two Evils" be America's choice for President..

The guy who wants everyone to be judged by how badly he/she wants to Chase our Devaluing Dollars.. or the one who's willing to GIVE AWAY America's hard won Civil and Human Rights.. in a supposed attempt to fight a sham "War on Terror" (Google "indefinite detention" or "NDAA" which our Secretaries of State and even DEFENSE wrote NYT OpEds against).

My platform, in brief, follows:

1) Breakup the huge Corporations by repealing the changes to our laws that allowed them to become "too big to fail". From Banks to monopolies like GE, masquerading as "conglomerates".

This step alone will recreate the 30 MILLION Jobs that were lost as the merging corporations "streamlined" as well as provide the massive tax revenue needed to immediately repay the Trillions we have borrowed from China and India.

Removing the threat that such debt poses to international policy negotiations on many levels.

2) Allow up to $500 per year, paid to Grass roots Citizen Voter Pubs, to be recognized on a dollar for dollar basis as a Tax payment, to be deducted from whatever is owed to the IRS.  Because such communities need to become the True Congress of the United States from now on.

3) Force recognition of Health Care as a RIGHT, rather than as a privilege for the wealthy. With a Public Option available to ALL so that Employees are no longer limited to whatever their Employers choose to offer.  The Health Insurance Industry has become a non-Market driven Monopoly in everything but name.

4) With support from tens or hundreds of Millions of citizens via Online Voter Pub discussion and Calls to Action.. Force an Immediate Re-population of the U.S. Congress with people who actually serve the Interests of those who Elected them to Office, rather than of those who Paid For Their Campaigns..  Allowing them from then on to focus only on doing the People's Business rather than spending half of Every Day in Office at FundRaisers for their NEXT Election.  Making them much to vulnerable to political pressure from the Wealthy.

With such support.. force an Immediate "Wealth Tax" on the 1% who hold more than 50% of ALL American wealth.. by bribing changes to our laws that allowed them to Underpay their Taxes for these past 30 years or more..

so that we can pay down the National Debt quickly.. in order to STOP Paying more than 500 BILLION in wasted Interest Payments with our limited Tax Money.. allowing us to put our Tax Revenues into rebuilding America's infrastructure, Education and all of the other things that have degraded due to our LACK of funds.

5) Continue the withdrawal of our troops from overseas as much as possible, while salvaging as much positive benefit as much as we can.. from the two wrongheaded invasions of countries that didn't threaten American "interests".. simply to allow the Old Money families who own our U.S. "military industrial complex" to once again make the kinds of profit that disappeared with the collapse of the U.S.S.R.

6) Repair our Media Industry by breaking up the consolidation (has already begun,
    by the way..)

    2011 ->  [inexplicable link removed]

    2004 -> [link removed]

    Require that all Senior News Anchors be given 1 year Severance Pay
    packages as well as making any

    and all "non compete" clauses null and void forever.. so that they can never
    again be simply silenced by locking them out of what must become a Far more
    diversely owned and operated News Media Industry.

    Because there is no such thing as a "healthy" democracy without a
    competently informed Electorate.

So.  Discuss!


Can you "retweet" this for us? And/or place "ads" for us in FaceBook and other social media venues?
RECALL U.S. Congress ‏@Voice_of_OCCUPY

Help homeless veterans! Our Russian Roulette Show pays Surviving Contestants! Advertisers Sought! Be brave: RT!
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Originally posted to GregStafford999 on Wed Sep 26, 2012 at 12:08 PM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls and LOL Wut.

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