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Those of us who follow those who follow Talk Radio ratings are increasingly seeing variations of this message: Rush Limbaugh is losing his ability to influence the voting electorate. Read why, here.

Holland Cooke, talk radio analyst

WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C. is the repeat "top biller" in radio. The station has more money coming in than any other radio station in the nation. Who gets credit for launching WTOP toward its glorious status? According to Dick Rakovan, Senior Vice President of the Radio Advertising Bureau, a significant share of the credit goes to former WTOP Operations Manager Holland Cooke.

Cooke has appeared as a talk radio expert on the Ed Schultz Show and on Young Turks, and has been the go to media consultant on personalities as varied as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Cooke, a frequent featured speaker at radio industry conventions, has also been a consultant to radio stations/networks featuring Rush, and to the competition facing Rush.

We should, then, take note when Cooke issues a very public comment about El Rushbo. In response to a Politico news story about Rush Limbaugh's attack on pollsters he accused of "oversampling" Democrats, Cooke tweeted to Politico,

Thus continues the downward spiral since Rush first became obsessed with a college student testifying on capitol hill. That link documents more than twenty separate instances of Rush obsessing over Fluke SINCE his three day tirade earlier this year. Rush is sometimes his own worst enemy.

Sandra Fluke, and an increasingly irrelevant Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh is locked in a slow downward spiral in part due to the activism of consumers, volunteers, and activists who seek to hold Rush accountable for his hate speech. One very active group in this cause is Flush Rush on Facebook. Flush Rush and other groups use the StopRush Database to inform advertisers about where their ads are appearing.

Please consider joining. Small donations are also accepted to fund data storage; visit StopRush for more information.

Originally posted to Richard Myers on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 05:25 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and Headwaters.

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