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First, you will come across as a smart-alec frat boy.  That is the kind of personality most Americans cannot stand.

Second, you will not be able to help yourself -  you WILL smirk.  And your smirk will only further alienate people.

Third, and perhaps as a 66-year-old old fart of a white male I should not be saying thing, but such an approach will absolutely turn off most women -  just what you really need to do right now, further alienate women.

The fact that your sense of humor and your timing absolutely suck - think of comments on cookies in Pennsylvania or about the attire of fans in the rain at a NASCAR event, or even saying you wear as little as possible to bed - perhaps should worry your handlers about your ability to cleanly deliver your prepared zingers.  I hope it doesn't.

Taking such an approach, and compounding it by accusing the President of lying, which according to your running mate you apparently also plan to do, will merely cement the impression most Americans have of you:

You are NOT LIKEABLE and there are two thresholds a presidential candidate absolutely must pass

first, is he competent to do the job?  You have already raised serious doubts about that in your mishandling of the events in Libya, especially with your disastrous press conference.

The second is just as important -  do we really want this person coming into our living room on TV for the next four years?  Al Gore killed himself on this one with his sighs and body language in the first debate in 2000.   You are already teetering because of your 47% remarks.  People do not like you, and you really should remember even some who will vote against Obama like him.  It is only the real nutcases in your party who think he is a Kenyan-born Muslim communist who don't find him likable on some level.  Use zingers, call him a liar, and you will be insulting them, just like you did the bakery in PA and the Nascar fans.

So go ahead.


Zing away.

Thanks in advance.

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