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Who needs pepper spray or tasers if you are a cop in need of protection yourself against a small Latino woman who allegedly violently assaults you with -- water.


Tasers and pepper spray could bring unwarranted attention, at least from blogs and twitter. Better to take that water like an man and then go sucker punch the woman thug instead.  Watch this video from the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philly over the weekend.  Please note the size of the woman in comparison to the size of the police officer who comes up from behind her and delivers the kind of "illegal blow" from his fist that the Marquis of Queensbury Rules don't permit in authorized matches between professional boxers:

Excessive force anyone?  Just remember this.  Next time you are at a parade, if you accidentally spill your soda on a cop, or god forbid, brush up against him or her in a tight space, even without any intent to do so, this could be you.  Was the woman who "allegedly" tossed water at the cop behaving badly?  Sure, if she did toss some water on him as the police claim.  Did the police officer really need to escalate the situation by punching her in the face from behind as she walked away causing her to bleed profusely, possibly giving her a concussion?  He was after all (to my eyes anyway) roughly twice her size, in weight class alone.

You tell me.

UPDATE: The good folks in the comments tell me the diligent and forthright Philly peace officer hit the wrong woman.

It's actually worse. She didn't throw the water (5+ / 0-)

The cop punched and arrested the wrong person.  If you watch the vid closely, she has water, but the water he's reacting to wasn't hers.  Someone to her left threw water on the officer, and when he turned he saw her with a bottle and just overreacted.  Someone should get this to her denseness attorney.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - FDR. Obama Nation. -6.13 -6.15

by ecostar on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 03:34:33 PM PDT

That may seem a horrible injustice, but I'm sure she had it coming anyway, for as Clint Eastwood reminded me as I watched Unforgiven the other night (a better performance than he gave at the RNC, btw) "We all have it coming, kid." (Yes, that is snark).

UPDATE #2: Cop restricted to administrative duties and incident under investigation according to ABC News


A Philadelphia cop under investigation for punching a woman in the face has been taken off the streets and restricted to administrative duties during the investigation, police said. [...]

It was decided today that the officer would be placed on "restricted status," meaning that he is relegated to "administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation," according to Lt. Ray Evers. [...]

 The video shows a crowd of blue-shirted police officers standing in the middle of a street, around a car. Someone on the left appears to throw something resembling silly string or a liquid on the cops. An officer in a white shirt rushes out of the crowd and goes after a woman with long, dark hair and a black T-shirt.

Her back is to the camera so it is unclear if she was saying anything to him. The officer appears to punch her in the face and then hit her in the back of the head. She falls to the ground where two officers apprehend her and lead her off. As she passes the camera, blood can be seen streaming down her face.

Originally posted to Steven D on Mon Oct 01, 2012 at 03:28 PM PDT.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group.

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