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That's what the title of the next OFA (or Priorities USA) ad should be.

My reasoning can be found under the tangerine-flavored Socialist beignet.

Let's face it, the reasons it looked like Robme won the debate have to do with style points, and style points alone: Mittens was aggressive while Obama was professorial (again). Obama was just out there telling the truth (The "Never mind" synopsis of Robme's latest tax-cap flip was classic, but he undersold it), while Mittens was laser-focused on getting his points across, regardless of whether they were factual, and regardless of whether he had to steamroll Jim Lehrer to do it.

"I'm sorry, Jim, I like PBS, I like Big Bird..."
And knee-capping Lehrer gets Robme more points from the crowd he was trying to shore up: It's a blast at the "librul media", and it's a blast at that awful bad Socialist television network with all the puppets and all "teh gay" and all those mean old documentaries that dare to talk about the Iraq war in non-American Exceptionalist terms. So as far as getting the base amped (and maybe getting back a few Teahadists who were going to stay home and pout on November 6th), it was Job Done.

But as a longtime consumer/provocateur at TPM, I've learned to trust Josh Marshall's instincts, and I think his take on one aspect of Mittens' performance should be the basis for the very next ad we see from (either inside or outside of) the Obama campaign:

The numbers simply don’t add up. Over a few news cycles that can build up really fast. He says he’ll push massive upper income tax cuts and those have to come at the cost of much higher deficits or big tax hikes for middle income people. His campaign agenda is based on a massive deception.
There it is, folks. And if you throw in a quick snippet of rAYN's various explanations why he "doesn't have time" to go over the math, that's the ad. That's what people need to see after every inning of the Orioles-Rangers game Friday night -- assuming the campaign can't get it into at least one commercial break on Person of Interest.

Let your hearts not be troubled, people. Because Mittens can't stop lying, and that only means more rope to hang him with.

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