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This week is going to be sketchy because it's Mommyp00ka's birthday.

She's napping now after staying up late last night doing schoolwork, so I can take some time and dash this off. I won't be able to check the comments until tonight though.

That said, here's our not-yet-raiding reports from Team Kaels and Team RubiPam:

We have no raid report yet. The Mogu'shan Vaults have opened, and the "best" raiding guilds in the world have cleared it, but in our little corner in Garrosh only two guilds have gotten even as far as downing the first boss, and we're not among them. Team Kaels is thinking of a first look at the raid this coming weekend (clear a little trash, make sure everyone can find the door and has done one pull on the first boss) but we're going to have a hybrid team so who knows how it will go?

In the meantime, we're all having fun in Pandaria. I'm sure Moody will tell you about the lovely cloud that it seems all of our Level 90s are floating around on. It's really awesome. And it goes whoosh when it moves, instead of flap flap flap like all our winged conveyances.

We've had a few guild runs into heroic instances. I personally discovered that standing next to suicide bombing bugs is a Very Bad Idea, even if you're a tank, and that I hate the Sha of Violence with a violent passion. And that there's a giant bug named Raygonn who has no brain, but his minions can be quite annoying especially when their hive mind is activated. I'm sure that there is NO POLITICAL STATEMENT IN THAT WHATSOEVER.

The first half of Mogu'Shan Vaults Looking For Raid opens up next Tuesday, but you're going to have to have a minimum item level of 463 to queue. This may get nerfed between now and then, but in the meantime there's a gear barrier between you and them. Kaels has written an excellent thread on how to begin to gear up, and other people have added their two bits. Personally, I've been trying to keep the guild vault stocked with item level 463 shields. If you're a shield user and you ding 90, check the last tab and grab one of them. And if they've been snagged by someone else, let me know and I'll make one for you.

The Saturday night casual raid - now officially renamed the Saturday Night Massacre - will at Nina's suggestion do something different, and take on a world boss. In Nina's words (let's just let her write the whole diary this week!) - the Sha of Anger and Galleon are designed for a group of 15 level 90s, potentially pvp-geared. They are the Wintergrasp raids of this expansion. So if we can get 8 or 9 90s together and a whole bunch of 86-89s we'll be likely able to down them. Now Saturday night will likely be prime time for other guilds to do this, so we might measure the 'do we feel lucky' factor on this. Whoever is in the raid group when the boss is first tagged and manages to be in the vicinity when he dies has a chance for a raid-quality item drop. And an Elder Charm will give you a second chance at an item drop.

It's on the calendar for Saturday night at 8PM, so hope we get a big turnout and have some fun!

Team RubiPam is a bit slower than Team Kaels in the raiding schedule, as most of us are not 90 yet. But everyone's working on it, and we hope to take a look at the first raid instance in a couple of weeks.

My biggest problem in Pandaria right now is that there is so much I want to do that I sometimes freeze up and have "deer in the headlights" syndrome, wondering what to do next. So much fun!

And our Tab Eight report from Mahuae:

Tab 8 Report:

Contender's Revenant Belt, lvl 90 plate (four of these)
Contender's Revenant Breastplate, lvl 90 plate (two of these)
Contender's Revenant Helm, lvl 90 plate (two of these)
Contender's Revenant Shoulders, lvl 90 plate (two of these)
Masterwork Lightsteel Shield, lvl 90 (two of these)
Masterwork Spiritguard Shield, lvl 90
Misthide Belt of the Zephyr, Windflurry, Galeburst, lvl 85 leather
Misthide Boots of the Windflurry, Undertow, lvl 85 leather
Misthide Bracers of the Undertow, Wavecrest, lvl 85 leather
Misthide Helm of the Undertow, lvl 85 leather
Misthide Leggings of the Stormblast, lvl 85 leather
Mushan Hide Jerkin of the Undertow, lvl 85 leather
Ornate Band of the Earthbreaker, lvl 85
Ornate Band of the Landslide, lvl 85, ilvl 415
Shadowfire Necklace of the Earthfall, lvl 85
Skymage Circle, lvl 90 neck
Stormscale Belt of the Undertow, lvl 85 mail
Stormscale Bracers of the Undertow, lvl 85 mail
Vicious Embersilk Shoulders, lvl 85 cloth

That's what I have this week. We're going to go minigolf or something forMommyp00ka's birthday...for the Horde!
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