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   After four years of screeching about how America needs a "True Conservative" in the White House the Republican nominee for President presented himself last night at the first debate as a pro-regulation moderate who insists he won't cut taxes for the rich. After four years of hearing how George W. Bush wasn't a true conservative, after four years of watching Republicans chest thump about being "severally conservative" and how only a real Conservative can beat Barack Obama we saw Mitt Romney totally abandon Conservativism last night, and every self styled "True Conservative" should hang their heads in shame.

  This is what happens when your "true conservative" ideas are so unpalatable, so unpopular, that your Republican nominee has to etch & sketch himself into a moderate who thinks the Banks shouldn't be Too Big To Fail. Last night Mitt Romney didn't debate as a "True Conservative". He defended the need for regulation. He insisted he would not cut taxes for the rich. He insisted that America needs health care reform. I already voted for that guy once, his name is Barack Obama.

   So here is the "True Conservative" savior running to the left of Obama when he didn't do enough and running to the right of Obama when he did too much. Very effective trolling, but did Mitt Romney make the case for a "True Conservative" leader? Of course he didn't, that would be political suicide, you can't sell America on the Romney plan to cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes on everyone else, i.e "broaden the base", you can't sell America on more war spending paid for by service cuts to the programs working Americans depend upon. Mitt Romney can't sell you HIS plan, so he is trying to sell you Obama's plan, only Mitt will do it faster, better and it won't cost America a dime. FDR called bullshit on this way of doing things almost four score and seven years ago, and I am calling bullshit on it today.

That was Romney's argument last night. Sure I'm for health care reform, just not yours. Sure I believe in regulation, just not the way you do it. Trolololo

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So here is my takeaway from last nights debate.

1. Romney can lie faster than anyone can correct him. Already knew that.

2. Obama can't sit back and play defense and win by default. Anyone who plays football knows why prevent defense sucks.

3. Big Bird is History's Greatest Monster.

4. And every "True Conservative" should hang their head in shame.

   Romney left his "True Conservative" shtick at the door and chamillionaired his way into a Technocratic Moderate faster than you could say "Honey Boo Boo". After 4 years of hearing how we need a "True Conservative" Romney used his big debate moment to pretend to be a moderate so he could win. You know how I can tell that Conservativism is a sham concocted by liars to give more money and power to the already super rich? Even their Republican Presidential Nominee knows better than to tout his "severe Conservativism" on a national stage. After years of hearing about Obama's socialist un-American tyranny here is Mitt Romney saying, 'Actually I like his ideas but would just do it different (i.e. never)'. Mitt Romney didn't sell me on why I should be a Conservative or why Conservatives should be given the power to govern, instead Mitt Romney decided that the best way to actually win this thing is to run against the Obama of 2012 as the Obama of 2008. So what does that make of "True Conservatives"? They are merely liars and know-nothings capable of the highest degrees of doublethink required to be never wrong EVER. When the Republican nominee in 2012 ditches conservativism because it is basically a bunch of ugly baggage and bullshit that you can't win with, at that point all of Conservativism is a load of shit and should be called so loudly. When the Republican candidate for President doesn't think Conservativism is worth standing by, neither should anyone else, and for that, all you so-called "True Conservatives" out there should hang your heads in shame.

   Because let's be honest, if you are a "True Conservative" Mitt Romney should have never been the GOP candidate in the first place. But nothing says screwing yourself over economically so a rich guy can rob you because you are blinded by hate of "the other" like saying that you are voting for Mitt Romney.

   Vote Mitt Romney. A Big Bird in every Pot, and Romney's not going to cut taxes for the rich.

   On this, the one year anniversary of my Fox Video going viral, I have a little advise for our President in his next debate if I may be so bold. Channel a little FDR. Use humor to disarm Mitt's lies. It may be unpresidential to call the other guy a liar but clearly mocking fools is not beneath the office of the President of the United States. Sure, Mitt may say "We believe all these things". Now make him name specifics of things he would keep and things he would cut. Then set your phasers to mock and hold your fire till you see the whites of their lies.

   At this point calling yourself a "True Conservative" means nothing more than declaring yourself a total sap. Nothing says, "I'm a useful idiot" like being ditched at the door of the first Presidential debate.

Rant off.

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