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A black man president? He's not an American. Birth certificate? It's a fake. Black president leading in the polls? Liberal media conspiracy. Good job numbers? Bogus.

The problem didn't start with Obama, and it won't end until we join the battle on the side of reality. We laughed (and I think maybe, even he did too) when Reagan said "Trees cause polution" -- and everyone assumed Ford was simply mistaken when he said the Soviets weren't dominating Eastern Europe...but looking back...that was nothin'. The same people who called Al Gore a serial exaggerator for claiming (accurately) that he was partly the inspiration for "Love Story" and he'd "taken the initiative in helping to create the Internet" (he did) have no compunction against declaring that abortions cause breast cancer (they don't) and Saddam Hussein had WMD. (He didn't). But it doesn't stop there, and its not an accident...

This is not "shoot the messenger". This is "there is no messenger". Morpheus Romney and Paul Neo are going to fly around bending the laws of math and science because Obamachines have stolen your freedom. America has been turned into AMatrixa, and you are nothing more than a battery, my friend.

Whether its "death panels" or the claim that global warming is a hoax, well the line between fact, fiction, fantasy and freeperville has not only blurred, it's been assimilated.

 Why not? I mean, if the truth doesn't work to accomplish your means, then why not deny its existence?

This is just an extension of their "faith-based" philosophy, only it's more of a "lack-of-faith" based political ideology. If logic or facts fail to prove your point that the president is  simultaneously an evil-genius-communist, Manchurian-Islamic fundamentalist and the brainwashed acolyte of an African-nationalist Christian preacher -- then why not try faith magic.

This is Orwell squared. Once it was "seeing is believing" then it morphed into "imagine it and we can realize it" now it's "Never mind the man behind the curtain, in fact the curtain is actually a big top tent and the man is really the star performing elephant. And you're not in Kansas anymore because sharia law has taken over and renamed it: 'New Mecca'".

The media are dependent on the hypnotized masses for their sustenance, so flat-earthers are given equal billing with scientists because, "there are some who say" the "laws" of physics are really just theories, and hey -- I got one too, and it fits my narrative much better ("It just....looks right.")

Sadly, and I only wish I were gets worse. Your dystopia is here, and it's growing like a fungus between your toes. At first you are annoyed, soon it just seems ridiculous -- but before long you realize it's spread to your crotch and you'll never sit comfortably again. It used to be that reality had to make way for profit, after all, it's terribly inconvenient to clean up your coal-burning aparatus or stop marketing cigarettes to children when there's a buck to be made. But now, the addiction to living with lies has gotten so advanced that even a REPUBLICAN HEALTH CARE PLAN is suddenly transformed into the tool of evil because, freedom socialism freedom, also. Actually, I take that back -- just for fun.

Conservatives were conscientious objectors in the war on poverty.
They dodged the draft in the war against AIDS.
They tried hard as hell to false-flag their way into a war on Christmas.
But now they've found the war to end all wars, and -- THEY'RE WINNING. Because reality has been transformed into just another opinion. And unlike facts, opinions can be ignored by those of even marginal faith.

Originally posted to PBJ Diddy on Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 06:49 PM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges.


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