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I feel like I am going to puke.  Everyday I see a new poll tightening or a new right wing pundit crooning about how Obama shit the bed during the debate and that Romney is beloved by the American people I feel like screaming.

How in fucks sake did Obama screw that debate up this bad?  Seriously.  What kind of shit ass advice did he get?  Do Plouffe tell Obama to nod his head everytime Romney told a lie?  Did John Kerry pretend he was Al Gore during debate prep?  I am fucking pissed off and let down and sad and totally furious that Obama fucked up that debate.

We had it.  We had this fucking election in the bag.  We had it! Everyone had done their job.  Bill Clinton nailed it at the convention.  In fact, everyone stepped up to bat with a full throated endorsement of Obama and knocked Romney back into the cheap seats at the convention.  Well, everyone except Obama.  His speech was weak and shirking.  It was forgotten how shitty he did because everyone else was phenominal but Obama didn't really bring it.  He phoned it in and if not for Clinton and the rest of the people who acted like they gave a shit about winning made up for his sleepy, weak speech.

MSNBC has been railing Romney and his surrogates night  after night.  Obama's surrogates have been putting his attack lines on a fucking tee for him to smash out of the park in his stump speeches.  Fortunately, Obama has been pretty good at that.  Thank you Rachel and Chris and Al and Ed for teaching Obama how to attack.

The small donations have been rolling in.  I have donated probably 6 times $30 or less.  I have phone banked, I have tweeted, I have made some Pro-Obama posts on Facebook, I've HAD his back.

How does Obama repay me?  How does he thank me for actually giving a shit about his second term.  He doesn't even show up.  Honestly, I don't know how this is OK.  I really don't.  It is so far beyond OK for Obama to shit all over himself and put our policies at risk I don't even know where to begin.  It's really not about him, it's about not losing my right to Medicare, it's about not having a scary crazy right wing supreme court for the rest of my life, it's about having a fair tax code.  Everything was on the line and Obama didn't even show up.  He failed to represent us.  In my opinion he was selfish not to care about his base.

So you know what, it's not OK.  It's far from OK.  His poll numbers are tanking and he is bringing people like Sherrod Brown down with him.  He is hurting McCaskill.  Obama's debate disaster might cost us the senate for Christ's sake.  It's not OK for him to do that.

Of course I am still getting my donation emails.  I am still getting my emails from Obama telling me we are in it together.  Really Mr President??  Really?  I actually don't know if I believe you right now.  You took my money, my hard work, my belief and you took a big negligent crap on it.

So, if Obama loses....fuck him.  He is worse than Carter.  He is worse that Carter because Jimmy Carter got beat.  Jimmy Carter tried to win with all his heart and soul and he just could not do it.  He didn't have the skills and he didn't have the conditions.

If Obama loses it will be because he was too lazy or arrogant to step up and fight for America when it counted.  I'm fucking serious.  This was it.  This was his chance to end this election and put it away and instead of taking it seriously when it was most serious he blew it off and acted like this election was over.   Democrats fought off the economy, we fought off the arguments, we uncovered Romney saying 47% of the country did not take personal responsibility for their lives.  What the fuck more do we have to do for you Obama?!?!!!!

Obama has deflated his base and energized the competition with one lazy, unprepared, arrogant, rude night.  I feel like Obama told his coalition to "fuck off" during that debate.  He was not going to listen to those of us telling him to go for the jugular.  Obama could not lower himself to engage in the issues at the level of John Q Democrat.  No, no, no, Obama has to be above the fray and fucking blame everyone the same for the problems of today.  It was not Wall Street's fault the banks failed, it was the fault of people who took out a mortgage.  Really??  He fucking blamed homeowners for listening to W Bush and the GOP telling them to buy, buy, buy.  My head was spinning when he said that shit, but only someone so arrogant and disdainful of his own base would say something like that.

I will have no pity if Obama loses.  I will not regard him as a particularly great President either.  A great man would have gave a shit about the millions of people he was defending on that stage.  A great man would never and I mean NEVER let Romney have gotten away with his bullshit.  Clinton would have destroyed Romney.  

I am so beyond upset at Obama for shitting that debate away I wish I could have all my money back retroactively to 2008.  I wish McCain had won and tanked the economy so we could win this time.

Obama, this is not about "me" anymore.  It's about YOU and if you lose the only person to be blamed for the loss will be YOU.  

We gave you our money, we gave you our time, we encouraged every pol to stand behind you and how did you treat us??  You were too fucking lazy or arrogant to show up on debate night when it really counted.

I realize I have called Obama lazy and arrogant and other names usually reserved for the right wing.  I am not using these attacks to borrow their bullshit lingo.  I am using these adjectives because they fit.

Some of us actually need Medicare you arrogant fucker!!!  Fight for us!  Give a shit!  Invest!  Obama...wake the fuck up!!

Update #1

For those of you who think this is premature I suggest you refer this diary in a couple of weeks when Obama is trailing by 2-3 points and the election is in 10 days.

There is no defense for Obama's debate performance.  I don't know how anyone can blow that off.  Will you all feel just fine if Romney is elected???

As far as the language goes, whatever, you are a grow up, fucking deal with it.  

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