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I figure it's time for me to weigh in on the televised debate between the President and a candidate; one would think that the republic is lost because the President did not use his arsenal of snark snide remarks.

I have been wondering what debate everyone else was watching, but from where I sat it seemed to me that the President did well, maybe not as well as Romney who showed a complete lack of respect for the President as he spoke over his comments as well as speaking over the moderator. My solution, cut off the mike after the allotted time and move on to the next area of discussion.

We watch the debate on CSPAN in order to avoid being told what we just heard by the network and cable talking heads, I then read about the debate from different outlets, primarily those dealing with the veracity of claims made during the debate. I make it a point to stay out of the echo chamber of those who are busy clutching their pearls and swooning over the alleged outcome.

While Romney was busy preparing for this debate, and quite the point was made about his preparation by his campaign and his surrogates, the President was busy being President; doing the job we hired him to do, and for the most part doing it well.

Now, before anyone should accuse me of being mesmerized by the halo around the President, I'll let you know that I have some serious reservation about his first term in office. I believe that he gave up the fight for a one payer system entirely too early, he honestly believed that the Republican Party would rally around solutions that they themselves, at one point or another, supported. I firmly believe that we should be out Iraq and Afghanistan by now. I think that more should be done in identifying where our food comes from and whether is has been genetically modified. I believe he should have already lifted the embargo against Cuba and promoted an exchange of ideas and goals between our two countries. I would love to see Los Van Van playing at the White House.  

The Republican Party committed to a course of obstruction the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated; Senate Minority Leader McConnell has made that position known since Day One; a workable solution that had Republican support in the Senate quickly died when Barack became President. Obstruction is the game the opposition has hitched its' wagon to. Just look at their reaction to the, in my opinion, less than stellar jobs numbers. It should better, and it can be better.

Billionaires and some millionaires are crying the blues because they are being asked to pay their fair share of taxes,  while Romney hides his money in the Cayman Islands. There is even talk among the so-called progressive movement to sit out this election because we have in Obama, an imperfect candidate.

At least two of the leading so-called progressive sites are already measuring the coffin for the demise of this Democratic Administration. TPM And HuffingtonPost use poll analyses that include Rasmussen and Gallup without a breakdown of their methodology, they both skew republican, but you wouldn't know it unless one has been tracking their pie in the sky numbers; remove those polls and one sees a much clearer picture of where the race stands today.

Don't get me wrong, this race is close, and people know it. That is why every effort should be made to get out the vote. This election will set the tone for the next twenty years. Scalia, Kennedy, and Ginsburg are up in years and this next President will be able to reshape the Court to reflect the 21st century and not be mired in the "Original Intent" of the writers of the constitution. Let us not forget that slavery and third class status for women were enshrined in "Original Intent". We fought hard and shed blood in order to gain the rights that should have already been recognized by the "Original Intenders".  

Look across the field at Gettysburg, look back at Harlan County, the riots in New York in the nineteenth century during the War To Preserve the Union; look to Selma and Birmingham, and then imagine a country locked into "Original Intent".

Unable to meet the challenges of the 21st century, this country has been racing to the bottom for some time now, a country known for its' ability to shoot for the stars is now known for settling for mediocrity. Instead of teaching youngsters about science and the cosmos, we are debating whether the Earth is six or seven thousand years old. Instead of electing the best and the brightest, we settle for the panderer who says what we want to hear as opposed to finding solutions for the future.

There is talk about how the Chinese are overtaking us, I have news for you, it's not only the Chinese; other countries are pushing science and technology while we debate creationism. Many other countries don't have the strangle-hold that religious fundamentalists are attempting to foist on us, and those that do are the least developed ones where women can't drive, can't vote and have no voice in their growth as human beings.

Stop listening to the doomsayers and the faint of heart, there is a movement for the common good and we should be celebrating it. Call out the bullshit whenever you can; piss off the pessimists, point out the lies told by Romney and his crew, but most of all....VOTE!!!

Here is my message to all those who are busy fanning themselves and reaching for the smelling salts; Grow a Fucking Set Of Balls...!

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