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Today we get the same news from Rasmussen, Gallup, Rand as we did from PPP and Reuters yesterday.  Romney had a surge on Thursday and Friday and by Saturday the polls reverted back to pre-debate numbers, that is a mathematical fact not opinion.  Their are many diaries that cover this.  Yet the media (including the "liberal media") is determined to make this a horserace and blame Obama's debate for the horserace.  From Andrew Sullivan to the Huffington Post to Bill Mahr to some people here on Kos, to others we continue to lament Obama's performance and site the polls as evidence of how bad it was.  Why?

How would conservatives act in similar circumstances.  Well we've seen it they come up with a website called unskewed polls.  They declare the BLS report an Obama conspiracy.  They spin for their guy on Fox News.  They do these things for the same reason Romney unabashedly lies, they want to win.  To them the means justify the ends.  They don't need to be reality based unless it helps them win.  They don't give a damn, power is everything.

Many of us were justifiably furious at Obama for not calling out the lies, for not fighting and for taking the stupid high ground.  But where's our fight, why aren't we trying to change the narrative instead of reinforcing it.  Narrative is everything at this point.  Don't tell me that telling everyone he blew the debate and might blow the election, helps, thats BS.  All that does is depress us and make them enthusiastic.  And enthusiasm is just as important as the poll numbers.  It means money, effort and getting people to the polls.  Look at September when we raised 181 million dollars.  A narrative of winning is a good thing, don't let anybody fool you!!

The only thing that's hurting Obama now is the narrative, the debate bounce has come and gone.  Why doesn't the Huffington Post, Andrew Sullivan, Bill Mahr, Micheal Moore some here at Kos (not everyone) try to change the narrative if they truly believe that a Romney win would be a dissaster. For example why is Markos putting out a poll based on Thursday and Friday's nights polling out on Tuesday of this week, seriously. Is it because we take pride in being "Reality Based" is because we won't stoop to their level, isn't that our problem with Obama.  

If we truly believe that electing Obama is important then we must do everything we can to change the narrative because right now the latest polling shows that the only thing hurting Obama is the narrative that unfortunately we're contributing to.

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