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I'm 31 years old and I'm a shamed of my fellow Dems I see who are freaking out about polls like Pew Polls and others.  Yes Mitt Romney had a bounce, but we knew he would. The Bounce was short lived and most of the polls coming reflect that Obama brought that bounce down to pre-debate levels with the job numbers.

I'm also ashamed at those allowing the Media to get away with it. When I woke up today I saw MSNBC using the 47-47 tie Gallup poll that was a Outlier because it showed the Romney bounce after the debate, but didn't show the 50-45 Obama lead poll date. Everyone jumped with the Bad News Obama polls and went with it to create a horse race. WELL THIS ISN'T A HORSE RACE IF YOU GOTV. You people need to forget the polls and take people to the only poll that matters THE POLLING PLACE.

I'm going to go into more of my story and why this election matters to me. If you care to listen people go after the jump because what I have to tell you is shameful of America and what it has done to not just me, but My Generation.

I was one of those young people suckered into Debt by going to college at the Art Institute of Dallas. I got a degree thinking I would have a future in this world only to find out my degree was useless. I remember on my final days there another student telling me they were telling people lies about where they got there degree from because it was that worthless their media program.

I loved the Arts. I used to play the sax for music. I have always liked the classics and jaz. I used to due photography nature shots and other fun things to explore nature and the wonders that isn't just our political world. In High School I nearly failed my government class not knowing anything about how the government works.

Now here I am in debt and struggling hard because I had to work a part time job for 3 years. I struggled working retail just to get my hours so I could pay back my degree and try to work towards another degree that would actually be worth while, but I have been injured from the struggle of part-time jobs. I was doing Cashier and experience pain in my sciatic nerve system of my lower tailbone. This happen at work while on the clock.

I thought ok we have a workmen's comp system it will help. I was denied because my company opted out of the state run workman's comp. They denied me when the doctor was wanting a MRI and more physical therapy for me. This was in May that it happen again on the clock. The excuse was I was a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION. Never before this happen did I even use my insurance for 3 years or have back problems. I worked in their pet area, toys, and unloading trucks just so average Americans could go spend their money and treat us workers like crap at the retail place I worked.

I digressed to the point that was prescribed a wheelchair. Do you know what it is like to suddenly not be able to walk anymore and to be in pain all the time? I just wanted to work a honest job. I didn't want to have this happen. I am now Technically unemployed because a Manager at their store did Employee Entrapment when I was in the ADA accommodation process to try and get them to let me work while I recover from my injury.

I'll tell you what the Manager did. I called into the store to drop off my doctors report sheet that I had to turn in to have me restrictions for work otherwise I would have to work a full day. No body came to my car to pick up the sheet when I was restricted from walking and I was off the clock trying to have this not effect my hours. The Manager knowing I was parked in a fire lane because nobody came out to help me took me back to their personal office and MOCKED my condition. Do you know what it is like to have someone MOCK your pain? I HAVE EVER RIGHT TO FREAK OUT.

That Manager still has his job because he mocked and belittled my condition. All I was asking for was a wheel chair use so I could recover and go back to work doing a honest day living. Instead the Manager suspended me because he denied me a wheel chair when I didn't even want to talk to him in the first place. he was threatening to have my car towed while he held me in personal. He even went as far to say I was being ARRESTED! He THREATEN me a man in a wheel chair. He had no right to talk about my ADA accommodation only their home office could decide. He was just suppose to take my restriction sheet from the doctor and let me leave to go home.

I went home in tears not just pain tears. Because I was actually scared of being arrested. I to first go back to the doctors office because I actually thought I was being arrested. My uncle came and got me the stress it caused and the pain it caused was unreal because I wasn't suppose to be doing that much on my back. Because it was my nerve system I was also causing more pain due to the stress.

I finally got my answer on the Accommodation. Apparently I am owed a Accommodation by the company that I was working for. The thing is they do not want to provide instead stall it out. I've been put on 90 medical leave. I have no income. I couldn't even buy the wheel chair I needed because I have NO MONEY coming in. I got a not from my insurance company that MY INSURANCE is being cancelled due to not paying my insurance. I have no way to get treatment for my back NO PAIN MEDS. NO NOTHING.

I am likely to lose my car, could possibly die and nobody will care because the system is messed up. I can't get social security because I have to be non-working for a long period of time then get a LAWYER. I can't get unemployment because my company hasn't fired me instead put me on medical leave for 3 MONTHS.  I can't go to the doctor because I HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE and now I will be a pre-existing condition. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREAK OUT not over a poll, but over life itself. Yet I'm still fighting. This is why I'm ashamed of ALL OF YOU freaking out over polls right now.

My very lively hood on EVER getting insurance relies on Obama being relected. DO you know it's been 3 to 4 weeks since I was told I should be wheel chair bond. I'm fighting to regain my walking on my own. I'm running out of money, but I'm not freaking out. I'm regaining my ability to walk by fighting. If I can lose my ability to walk and fight against the pain that is my back why can't you support Obama and get him re-elected. So what if he had one bad debate if you think that is the end of the world I'll trade places with you and you can past out at nights instead of going to sleep because of the pain.

The point of this is I have the right to freak out over LIFE because I could die right now and the system doesn't care about me even though I'm a honest person only wanted to work my way up the American Dream through a honest day work. I should be freaking out over my condition yet I'm not. I'm fighting every day to hold onto life and not go despair. I do not know how much longer I will last in this world personally. It's to hard to live life itself. If you think one poll that is a outlier is worth getting this upset about maybe I should truly give up on life instead of fighting back and struggling. Maybe I should do like you all are about one poll. It's shameful here I am not giving up and all you doomsayers are making me want to give up on life because if OBAMA LOSES I HAVE NO LIFE.

Please pull it together and GO GET OUT THE VOTE. THE ONLY POLL THAT MATTERS IS ELECTION NIGHT. If you won't fight for Obama why should I fight for life? Why should I fight just to be able to walk and be normal again. STOP FREAKING OUT AND GO GET OUT THE VOTE. I haven't given up but you make me want to. My life is in your hands do the right thing and VOTE!

In 2008 race I volunteered for Obama. I wasn't able to because of the pain I have been in. Obama is my only hope and you are taking that way. I even did poll working to help get Obama elected. I had Obama's back and I still have his back. My only pray is may God have mercy on my soul when my life finally does end. If Obama showed up at my door step I'd take him to the company and show him how others are working good people who just want to make a living. We are hurting because we are forced into these conditions. I stood up at my company trying to speak out for workers and I paid the price of my job. Just as I stood up to help get Obama get elected I have never backed down. I do not want to see anyone go through what I have EVER AGAIN. My life is hell, but I still tried to do for others over my own life. Get a back bone and fight for Obama.  


Should I just give up on Life and accept Romney as President?

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