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Former GE Chairman Jack Welch jumped the shark, two dolphins and a humpback whale last week when he tweeted that the jobs reports must have been cooked up to benefit Obama.

He then declared to Chris Matthews that he had not a scintilla of evidence to back up his claim but stood by it anyway.

CNNMoney/Fortune and Reuters, for whom Welch has written a business column, both covered the story he created and the backlash against it. And what was Welch's reaction to that?

He quit.

Jack Welch has left our building, metaphorically that is.

Welch said he will no longer contribute to Fortune following critical coverage of the former CEO of General Electric, saying he would get better "traction" elsewhere.

Could it have been this story that Fortune ran, exposing Welch as a jobs destroyer while he was at GE. The company shed nearly 100,000 jobs while he was chairman.
Following the story, Welch sent an e-mail to Reuters' Steve Adler and Serwer saying that he and his wife Suzy, who have jointly written for Reuters and Fortune in the past, were "terminating our contract" and will no longer be sending our "material to Fortune." Reuters' story about Welch's tweet quoted money manager and blogger Barry Ritholtz, who said Welch's comments were laughable. Reuters wrote that Ritholtz comments were referring to allegations that Welch regularly manipulated GE's earnings during his tenure as CEO in order to best Wall Street profit estimates.
Some people can dish it out, but they can't take it.

Adios, Jack. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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