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In light of the protest I have decided to post my story.

Because of a On the Job injury I am disable and was in the process of filing ADA accommodation for a wheel chair access at walmart. I was originally denied CMI coverage for my injury by CMI saying I had a pre-existing condition scoliosis. This is what makes me disable I can not stand up for a long period of time and walking hurts so bad. I toss and turn in bed. I am currently on medication ultram, was taking MethyIPREDNISolone dose pack, and robaxin.

Saturday the 15, 2012 was the day that my run in with Shift Manager happen. Shift Manager has shown hostility towards me before in the past. Shift Manager unfairly wanted me to stand outside after my injury the first in 100 degree heat by the garden center gate without going inside. It was because of this that my injury was made worse. I had to go to Urgent Care Doc which is the doctor CMI sent me to and have restrictions increased to say I was not allowed outside due to weather. This was documented and Store the store Manager tried to excuse Shift Manager action of this as just not knowing how to read a physician report sheet. I let the matter drop at the time just wanting to go back to normal with doing my job. The letter is still on FILE and I have copies. This was around July that it first happen. During that time Shift Manager thought  he knew better then my doctors and told me I was sitting in the chair to much that I needed to stand.

When I got moved inside I thought the matter had been dropped. I went on doing my normal job without any problems. I was in the process at this point of Appealing CMI Denial. The stress was hard enough, but I was managing to go through the process. It was on the 9/9/2012 that I had another injury up at walmart due to a shop lifter. I was put back on CMI and sent to the doctor. This when I was seeking ADA accommodation for a wheel chair because I had to protect my back from further injury. The first time I was put back on restrictions I Shift Manager  about using a wheel chair that I was in the process of ADA and Urgent Care Docs were in the process of helping me get it by having a MRI and going to a physical therapist to declare me in need of one. I was told the wheel chairs are for costumers and I would not be allowed to stay in one I had to stay in the chair. The Chair meant I had no access to the walmart phone system. If I needed to go to the restroom I would have to pray a CSM walked by. I could not do my job and I was hurting so bad from having to twist my body to get in the chair which was against my physician report sheet.

It is because of the pain I was suffering and the difficulty to do my job that I left a message with CMI at 12am Saturday morning I was going to the doctor. I was going to further injury myself if Shift Manager ruling stayed. I had tried to make contact as well with the Store Manager that Shift Manager had been violating the restrictions that the doctor set out for me. The Manager never got with me to discuss what Shift Manager was doing. That is why I was trying to do this on my own so I could prevent further injury. The Urgent Care Docs put me as wheel chair bond 0 walking restrictions in order to keep me safe till the MRI.

After visiting the doctors I went to turn in the physician report sheet like I've always done. I parked in the firelane because I was a lone and called into the store from my car with my cell phone to ask that a member of Management come out with a wheel chair or take the report sheet. No member of management came out only a cart pusher with a wheelchair. I figured I would be just a second because I was turning in the sheet and leaving so I took the wheel chair and went inside. Shift Manager was the first shift Manager I found. I tried to tell him I was parked in a firelane and hand him the physician report sheet. Instead he told me my car would be towed because of where I was parked. When I said no he instead of taking the sheet which he has done before called me to personal office. Because of the medicine I was not able to realize what was happening and I was scared about my car being towed .

Inside personal office I was told by Kenneth that the reason I was being pulled into the office is because I was getting loud about my vehicle. Again I was confused because he never gave me the chance to ask him to move my vehicle. I handed him my keys asking him to move my car. He said he wasn't going to move my car. Again I was confused because Personal told me at the time I found out I was denied by CMI that a member of Management could help me in this case when I am unable to move or drive they would help drive me. He then started to talk to me about the physician repost sheet. I was upset because I did not want to talk about this off the clock all I wanted to do was go home and rest before I had to be up to work. I was also worried about my car being towed if it was urgent that I move my vehicle why wasn't he letting me? I also did not like he was discussing my private Medical information to start with. He was going of the sheet setting here saying well it doesn't say anything in sitting and what are you bedridden in a very mocking tone. Then he tried to say walmart doesn't have to provide me with a wheel chair because I was under a pre-existing condition. I was MAD he was denying me ADA accommodation when he can't do that. At worse all I said was this is bullshit or Fuck You to him. I do not even remember because of the medication I was also still struggling with CMI about the scoliosis which is the reason I was seeking wheel chair Accommodation. It was a touchie subject for me.

Shift Manager then told me i was suspended for swearing. I knew something was wrong for sure because he had no right to be talking to me about any of this he was violating my civil rights and rights as a walmart employee. I tried to leave, but shift Manager blocked the door saying I was going to be arrested. I had committed no crime. I was never asked to leave instead I was being held hostage by the Manager in personal with threats of Arrest. I do not remember all the details during this time because I was already scared of my car being towed and now I was being threaten all I know is I wanted to leave. I went to Urgent Care Doc parking lot and called my Uncle in Tears. I spent the day scared being a weekend there was nobody I could call and nobody I could contact.

When I tried to call back to the store to see if I could go to work I was told that HR was involved and the store Manager could do nothing. I was given no information on why I was suspended and why my side of the case was not heard. I kept trying to call the store Manager to find out detail nobody would tell me anything. I was being denied all information. It was then that my Aunt told me what he did was criminal detainment he held me in that office blocking the door not allowing me to leave which was illegal. I then went up to work at 7am telling the managers there I wanted to file criminal charges against shift Manager. I told them I still do not know what is going on and what he has accused me of because I did nothing wrong. They told me to hold off and their shift Manager  promised me that I could come to work that day. I showed up at work around 2pm and found my badge was invalid. I was told when I asked the Managers why my badge was not working that I was suspended. I was never told how long just that it was without pay. I tried to ask information and the store Manager told me this is a matter of HR he could say nothing. It was sunday and there was no way to contact HR.

At this time the store Manager got back on the phone. I asked him what Shift Manager meant I was suspended until further notice. broke down on the phone crying telling Store Manager I have done nothing and have not been able to tell my side. I do not know what I have been accused of. I have no paper work on what is going on. Store Manager said it was two issues I was facing first Shift Manger said I made a scene at walmart. I did none of this. Shift Manager had violated walmart's policies in threatening arrest, taking me to the back, and talking to me while off the clock plus discussing my private medical information without giving him permission. Store Manager then said it's two things My restriction prevented me from doing my job. I told Store Manager that all I was asking for was to be in a wheel chair during work till the MRI is done and I know why I am injured. He said it did not say wheel chair needed. I know if that is all it is I could have the doctor put it in there. This goes back to ADA discrimination as well. We have other people in the store who are wheel chair bond working in electronics who used to be a people greeter.


I finally  did get my ADA Accommodation back after having my suspension overturned to a verbal coaching. I am edigable for one, but because my job required me to lift 25 pounds I couldn't do it. As of now the store Manager has me on 90 Medical leave because he claimed he didn't have a job for me. I have lost my insurance with walmart because I can't pay it. I have my parents helping me out with my car payment. I know they are stalling hoping I quit, but now I am a pre-existing condition to insurance companies because I will be living with this pain the rest of my life since I didn't get treatment from CMI. This is how walmart treats employees who have been there for 3 years. The store I work for was hiring temp workers at the time all of this happen and cutting the hours of regular employees.  

Originally posted to JasonSpurlock on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 05:44 PM PDT.

Also republished by Retail and Workplace Pragmatists - Members and Editors and Income Inequality Kos.

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