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On the front page of today's Houston Chronicle is a story about a Republican precinct chair in Fort Bend County, Texas, Bruce Fleming, who has voted twice in elections in both Texas and Pennsylvania (as well as his wife).

This same Bruce Fleming also has a connection with True the Vote, the Tea Party-based organization trying to expose voter fraud! In this case however, it is Republican voter fraud that has been exposed. In the words of Rick Perry: Oops! By the way this is also a second-degree felony in Texas.

Now mentioned in the last paragraph of the Chronicle article is Don Bankston who is a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee and who is going to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General, the U.S. Justice Department, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania officials. Now this same Don Bankston is "Bubba", the husband of the famous Texas blogger "Juanita Jean". And she can do more justice to this story than I ever could, so please read her story here: "Excuse Me While I Rub This In". She also has a follow-up story here: "Lookie Who Has Lawyered-Up".

So please give Juanita Jean a look. She can write about this story better than I ever could and I don't mind spreading the plaudits around especially if it concerns Juanita Jean and The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc. If you haven't read her before, she's an absolute blast in the Molly Ivins tradition! I also did a search and didn't find any previous diaries about Bill Fleming and this particular case of Republican voter fraud. If any exists, contact me or add a comment and I'll delete or modify this diary. Enjoy!

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