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What does Paul Ryan look like?

Does he look like a bitch?

Then, Joe Biden, why did you fuck him like a bitch?

Yep. Biden totally pwned Ryan.

Afghanistan. check.

Syria. check.

Libya. draw.

Women’s rights. check fucking plus.

Oh and the most important point that President Obama missed last week. Biden called Ryan out for every fucking lie he told.

Plus points to Martha Radditz the moderator for actually asking for specifics and not asking “What is different about you, besides one is caucasian and one is not?”

Other thoughts about the debate:

-New debate drinking game: take a shot every time Tip O’Neill is mentioned!

-Paul Ryan wants Americans to die in Afghanistan

-Joe Biden enjoys a toothy grin when people lie to his face

-Paul Ryan is Jack Kennedy reincarnate /sarc

-Americans are not so very good at Math, though we were assured the maths allow us to keep our current benefits, implement 20% across the board tax cuts, and start wars in Syria and Iran. Please try Korea for math. Err. Wait. Gangnam style. Try China.

-Syria has fuck all to do with the US of A. They have no 1. oil 2. anything 3. Russia backs them. Fuck Syria and even getting involved with them.

-Finally, Republicans obstruct everything that anyone wants, as described by Yertle the Turtle aka Mitch McConnell  - “Our goal is to make sure Obama is not re-elected.”

I can’t wait to see how the Romney campaign spins this. If I am 50+ years old and watching at home, all I can think is “Republicans is taking mai healthcare and retirement.”

PS. I am really getting sick of the Romney/Ryan meme of “If you’re happy with your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”

Guess what? I has no fucking healthcare or dental care and I need a root canal that costs $2000 and I am an unemployed blogger. So I drink a fifth of bourbon a week instead. Thanks, Republicans.

PPS. My wife and I were both raised Catholic as were both Veep candidates. We are 29 and 28, respectively and have 5 children, including a set of twins. We took a NPF (Natural Family Planning) class from a practicing Catholic couple who also have 5 children. How the fuck does 42-year-old Paul Ryan only have 3 children? I know Republicans like sex, especially the kind that gets you in trouble. What gives?

PPPSS. I leave you with this:


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