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We're going to defeat the lies and the liars. We're going to save our country from the grasping hands of the Roves, Kochs, Romneys and Ryans.

We have a President who has never stopped believing is us.  

We ARE the change we've been hoping for!  Love you all for everything you're doing to make it so.  Let's take it over the finish line, shall we? :)

Donation site for President Obama and Vice President Biden -

Donation site for taking back the House -

Nothing's going to stop us now!


8:35 PM PT: For all of you -  for your inspiring stories about making phone calls, knocking on doors, entering data, registering new voters, driving to crucial swing states to help GOTV - for your donations, time, caring, energy, hope and determination -

Much love and deepest gratitude, always.


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