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The Etch-a-Sketch must be getting a workout this morning. I bet Mitt is on the receiving end of lots of angry phone calls from his own supporters.

Poor Mitt! He actually took the correct stance, the only sane, logical and reasonable stance, the only stance any woman could approve. For this he will be taken to task and put in the stocks on the public green of the Righty We Want To Push Women Back to The Dark Ages Movement.

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, how could you let down your woman hating base like that? To see what put Mitt in the stocks and brands him with the Scarlet H for Heresey join me below

It's this:

MR. ROMNEY: I — I’d just note that I don’t believe that bureaucrats in Washington should tell someone whether they can use contraceptives or not, and I don’t believe employers should tell someone whether they could have contraceptive care or not. Every woman in America should have access to contraceptives. And — and the — and the president’s statement of my policy is completely and totally wrong.
Mitt, you pandering fool. Your side doesn't want that! They WANT employers to be able to dictate to women whether they have birth control in their health insurance plans. Didn't you get the memo? Don't you realize that when the Job Creators of the Right give a woman a paycheck that they are not just purchasing her time, they are also purchasing her uterus? Don't you know that they get to determine whether that uterus has a future occupant or not? Don't you know it's all about the EMPLOYER's religious and moral dogma that they get to IMPOSE on their employees? Mitt, what is wrong with you? Are you also unaware that some of your base objects to ANYTHING that interferes with the fertization process? Why are you denying the only birth control that anyone could ever need - ABSTINENCE? Why are you making Paul Ryan cry into his pillow?

Mitt, when is the last time you spoke with your own Vice Presidential candidate? Did you guys have an arguement? Because your Vice President is going rogue on you if you think that employers shouldn't have sayso over the birth control methods of their employees. Mitt you need to read this:

Paul Ryan: ContraceptionMandate Will Be Gone On 'Day One'

Ryan's answer turned straight to the piece of Obamacare providing birth control access. He vowed to remove that requirement for insurance providers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, on "day one."

"It will be gone," Ryan told onlookers at the University of Central Florida. "I can guarantee you that."

Here's the deal Mitt -

The Right Wing Social Engineers of your party have turned their attention to birth control.  The new slogan is "Life begins before contraception",  since they are against both physical and pharmeceutical methods that interfere with the actual fertilization process.

Sex=pregnancy=life. This is the Republican equation Mitt. This process may not be disturbed or disrupted. These anti-women authoritarians (your side, remember?) would like to turn back all the decades of women's independence that became possible once pregnancy became a choice and not a given.

Now Democrats and President Obama believe that an employer should have no input whatsoever into the decision whether a female employee chooses to become pregnant or not. Birth Control is preventive women's healthcare. Period. The religious or moral beliefs of an employer concerning birth control should have no power to interfere with or usurp a female employees ability to practice or not practice birth control as allowed by her own religious or moral beliefs. Women workers are employees, not initiates into a religious order. An employer buys their time, not their uteri.

That almost sounds like what you said last night Mitt. Did you get so flustered that you forgot you're not allowed to sound reasonable and undogmatic on this topic? Were you having a flashback to when you were running for the Senate in Massachusetts?Is your software not updating properly? I only wish I could hear some of the phone calls you are getting today.


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