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...just at the moment when he realizes he has doggie-doo on his shoes and he has tracked it all over the hostess's priceless Persian carpet.

A number of people - myself among them - have expressed a desire to see how Romney reacted when he was told that his assertion that Obama did not immediately refer to the Benghazi event as an act of terror - "for the record" - was in fact incorrect. One poster suggested the CNN feed, so I took a look, and Lo! and Behold!, there it was. And it is choice!

So for the amusement and amazement of all, I have done a screen capture showing Romney's face at the moment when Crowley tells him "for the record" that he is wrong. It looks like it takes a moment to sink in just what is happening to him, and then as the full force of it hits him, he takes a few steps backwards while making a couple of panicky wide-eyed blinks, as though he were an evil villain in some suspense flick who, having just assembled the megabomb that he will use to destroy the hero, suddenly realizes that the bomb has accidentally armed itself and will go off in 3 seconds. Then he takes a quick little gulp, recomposes himself, and calls up the fake little smile again.

The only thing more choice is that smile that flashes across Obama's face just after he says "Please proceed, Governor." I know that feeling, having played lots of chess in my younger years. It's that wonderful moment when you have constructed some situation where you know that if your opponent will only fail to see through your plan and take the bait, it will lead to a series of inescapable moves that will give you both his rooks, his bishops, and his queen. And you see him reaching for just that piece that he needs to move to set it all into motion, and he starts to move it to just that spot where it needs to be, and all you can think is "please proceed."


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