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I have had my "I Heart Obamacare" sticker on my car for 2 months or so now.  I have had a few head shakers in my rearview mirror but nothing else had happened.  Until this week.

I drive a Prius.  Suddenly, my rear windshield wiper is all wonky.  It flops around, off to the side, almost like someone pulled it out of place.  I have no proof but I can't figure out how else this could have happened.
Then today, I am driving to the grocery store (two kids in carseats in the back) and a car starts driving the exact same speed next to me.  Very dark windows so can't see gestures, etc but it was obvious they were doing it on purpose.
Stop at stop light and their window rolls down.  There are two people in the car - a young man and his girlfriend  (too much makeup on her by the way).  He gives me that chin up thing that guys do when they want to start something and then shakes his head.
Now, my initial response is to roll down the window and to tell him that I am not intimidated by stupid.  Then i remember my kids are in the back seat and just give him a WTF look and the light changes.  
I have to admit - I can't let it go.  It pisses me off that a punk would try to intimidate me over a bumpersticker.  It pisses me off that a man wound do this to a woman (or anyone) with children in the car.  It pisses me off that the opposition has so fully accepted the lies of the right wing media.  It pisses me off that I would even have to deal with this shit for suppporting legislation that will help millions of Americans.
I am also pissed that i didn't roll the window down and let him have it.  Being a good mommy is harder some days than others.  This is one of those days.

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