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Yesterday the Republicans were leading in NC (absentee) 55.51% vs 26.32% for Democrats.  

That was 37,521 Republicans vs 17,792 Democrats with 12,184 Unaffiliated voters.

90.17% of these voters were "white".

NC Absentee Voting Statistics

Actually that was very good for the Democrats.  Up significantly from 2008.

Today the story is a tiny bit different (after the thingie).  It is enough to allow Romney to pull significant staff out of North Carolina for Ohio.

Romney campaign shifting NC resources elsewhere

Because we all know the Republicans learned their lesson from 2008 and were putting a lot more effort into getting the GOP base out for early voting.


The first day of early voting began yesterday.  

Throngs of people swamped one-stop voting locations statewide and waited for up to an hour to cast ballots. In Wake County, votes outpaced 2008 numbers by nearly one and a half times.

At the end of the FIRST day of early voting the totals for both absentee and early voting were:

47.3% Democratic and 30.26% Republican.

It went from 6% African American to 27% African American.

NC Today Numbers

If you like raw numbers the score today is:

105,659 Democratic
 77,677 Republican
 40,000 Other

I'm glad Romney is doing so well with women because so far 55.44% of the voters are female.

Oh and that plan of Republicans to match the Democrats in early voting?

On the first day of early voting Democrats 57% Republicans 25%.

And the areas of the state were this happened?

Mostly Democratic Charlotte, the Triangle and African American areas of the state.

Looks like enthusiasm in NC is really going to be poor in 2012.

There is still a long way to go and lots of work to do.  In 2008 we needed to be up by 500,000 votes in early voting to win NC.

But what a difference a day makes.

Originally posted to NCJim on Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 07:17 AM PDT.

Also republished by North Carolina BLUE.

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