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Same foreign policy team. What could possibly go wrong?
    Though I doubt I could say it as artfully as President Obama might, my title says it all. In the final Presidential debate tonight the advisers who have the ear of Mitt Romney also once had the ear of George W. Bush. And we all know how that turned out the last time we tried it. Or do we?

     We didn't catch Bin Laden during the Bush/Cheney Presidency. Instead we launched a costly and unnecessary war in Iraq that cost America thousands of precious lives. The Republican party has ZERO credibility on matters of foreign policy. Zero. Zilch. Bubkus. Republicans will certainly pound their chests and criticize Obama relentlessly, and we know that the President will run on his accomplishments, but more than that I believe that President Obama must remind America that Mitt Romney has hired George W. Bush's foreign policy team, the same exact people who failed to get Bin Laden and lied us into Iraq. The same exact people who were an utter disaster the last time they were in charge.

   More below the fold . . .

  This dovetails into a consistent refrain we have heard from the Obama campaign, which is that Romney wants "to take us back to the policies that failed under George W. Bush." The nice thing about being consistent in your narrative is that when you are telling the truth, it is easier. Not only does Romney want to go back to the same Bush/Cheney foreign policies that failed miserably, he even hired the same guys Bush/Cheney hired for advice.

   President Obama doesn't have to convince me of that. He has already earned my vote for a number of reasons, and though Obama's Presidency has been far from perfect no Presidential Administration ever is. But this final debate isn't for me or other Democrats and Republicans who have already made up our minds, it is for the few undecided voters still left. Early voting has already begun and many people have made up their minds already. This last debate will probably not shift too many of those folks, but for the few undecided voters this last debate is very important, and if I were advising the President I would tell him that he must remind America repeatedly that Mitt Romney has hired George W. Bush's foreign policy team for advice. A vote to elect Mitt Romney is a vote to re-elect George W. Bush's foreign policy team and their agenda, and that certainly means another war with a country that starts with "Ira" and ends with a consonant. And we all remember how that went the last time we tried it, don't we?

   Tonight, I believe it is the President's job to remind America about that and to make sure we don't forget it.

   And for the record, I will stop blaming Bush when Republicans stop running on his policies.

   The floor is now yours . . .



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