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Update 8:44 PM
Apparently the GOP is trying to defend Romney and attack Obama by pointing out actual usage of horses and bayonets by the military.  They are trying to change what Obama actually said "we have fewer" to what they wish he said "we have none".  Be sure not to let them do it.

I'll keep updating as I find more.


Jon Stewart ‏@jonstewartshow

Obama just lost the Civil War re-enactment vote. #horsesandbayonets

Kinge ‏@Kbinge

Romney's plan to reduce gas prices: Bring back #horsesandbayonets #debates

Rich Gallup ‏@rich_gallup

My great-grandfather was a US Cavalryman in World War 1. We have his bayonet, if the government needs it back. #HorsesandBayonets

Teeveeproducer ‏@TeeVeeProducer

We need Binders and binders of bayonets! #horsesandbayonets

Horses and Bayonets1

7:34 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 2

7:37 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 3

7:40 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 4

7:43 PM PT:
MusicHoff ‏@MusicHoff

Currently working on a musical called #horsesandbayonets. It's about horses who use bayonets but involves jazz hands or jazz hooves.

7:45 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 5

7:46 PM PT: Brandon Perlman ‏@brandonperlman

#horsesandbayonets trending for the first time since 1778

7:48 PM PT: The Line that brought you this diary

7:51 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 6

7:52 PM PT:
david ‏@il_david

Obama just sunk Romney's battleship! #horsesandbayonets #debate

7:53 PM PT:
Reba723 ‏@Reba723

So now we know that the real reason Ann Romney has that horse. Preparation for war. #horsesandbayonets

7:56 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 7

8:01 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 8

8:03 PM PT:
dinosaur trader ‏@dinosaurtrader

Finally able to unload my bayonet collection on ebay tonight. #horsesandbayonets

8:06 PM PT:
Jill Kushner ‏@TheJillKushner

What are the chances of hearing your safe word during a presidential debate? #horsesandbayonets

8:16 PM PT: From the Comments:


8:19 PM PT:
MT @JBird717: My favorite part of #horsesandbayonets -that Obama correctly used the word "fewer" everytime, instead of the incorrect "less."

8:24 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 9

8:28 PM PT:
Carol Fitzpatrick ‏@crl_fitzpatrick

BREAKING: To counter Obama's #horsesandbayonets attack, Romney attempts to sink a U.S. Navy vessel with a bayonet while riding on Rafalca.

8:34 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 10

8:40 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 11

8:51 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 12

8:53 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 13

8:54 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 14

8:55 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 15

8:57 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 16

9:03 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 17

9:06 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 18

9:11 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 19

9:15 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 20

9:25 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 21

9:31 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 22

9:34 PM PT: Starting to get some Memes built on top of other Memes...

Horses and Bayonets 23

9:35 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 24

9:42 PM PT: Horses and Bayonets 25

9:45 PM PT: Ladies and Gentleman, unfortunately I have to end the updates.  I have work in the morning and I'm on Eastern Time.  Hope you enjoyed the tweets and pics and thanks for all the recs.  If this diary is still recc'ed when I get up, I'll add the latest.

If you want more funny pics in the meantime, I suggest the Tumblr feed, Horses and Bayonets

9:46 PM PT: One last update.  More pics and funny zingers in comments.  Don't skip them!!!

Tue Oct 23, 2012 at  7:05 AM PT: Can't believe the pictures are still coming in over the tubes of the interwebs.  Starting my updates with some favs from the comments.

Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 7:10 AM PT: Horses and Bayonets 26

Horses and Bayonets 27

Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 7:13 AM PT: Horses and Bayonets 28

Horses and Bayonets 29

Horses and Bayonets 30

Horses and Bayonets 31

Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 7:19 AM PT: Horses and Bayonets 32
Horses and Bayonets 33
Horses and Bayonets 34
Horses and Bayonets 35
Horses and Bayonets 36
Horses and Bayonets 37
Horses and Bayonets 38
Horses and Bayonets 39

Tue Oct 23, 2012 at 7:26 AM PT: Horses and Bayonets 40

Horses and Bayonets 41

Horses and Bayonets 42

Horses and Bayonets 43

Horses and Bayonets 44

Horses and Bayonets 45

Horses and Bayonets 46

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