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In a perfect world we could vote for a candidate that would closely reflect our views.  In a perfect world we would have more choices so that we could find a candidate that would most closely reflect our views.  But we do not have a perfect system.  In general, we have to chose between two candidates.  So we need to own the whole package.

I will say it is assumed that both Democrats and Republicans wish for their tax money to be spent wisely and with the best outcomes.

On the Democrats side we have a President who inherited a mess.  For those who have conveniently forgotten, President Obama inherited an economy in free fall and a financial system in danger of collapse.  He also faced a congress where several members publicly stated that their primary goal was to make him a one term president.  So our deficit grew, and our economy slowly recovered, thanks in part to the stimulus money provided.  The deficit could be lower now, however the Republicans refused to let the Bush tax cuts expire.  

In general Democrats value the environment, education, social supports, and more equitable distribution of wealth among other things.  We can complain if these thing do not happen, but should not complain about higher taxes, more restrictive environmental restrictions (that may hamper our outdoor fun) and occasional abuses of the social support system by those who unfairly take advantage of it.  There will be some abuse in any program, including some unneeded bureaucracy in any complex system.  We should minimize these and always strive to eliminate them, but logically we know they will exist.

On the Republican side.  I get it. You want less government, less taxes, and to operate businesses with less restrictions.  Everyone is responsible for themselves.  That is a perfectly coherent philosophy.  But Republicans must realize that their political base includes those that use personal interpretation of the bible to govern, and those that do not want any restrictions on guns, and those that want to show our military might around the world.  
So Republicans can be proud of their lower taxes, but should not complain when we impose religious norms on everybody (christian or otherwise), tragic shootings occur, and we get involved in oversea wars.
States run by Republicans have poor education systems.  So Republicans should not complain when their child cannot get the extra help they need in school to be successful.
Since the wealthy take the bulk of the tax breaks that congress gives out, low income Republicans should not complain about their taxes, because they could pay less if the wealthy paid more.  
Since limited government means limited services and governmental oversight.  Republicans should not complain when they do not have social support services from firefighting to unemployment insurance.  They should not complain when toxic wastes are in the foods they eat, or water they drink, or the town they live in.

Single issue voters really annoy me (Right and Left).  They want their neighbors to agree with them on one issue, but are oblivious to the fact that their decision has consequences in many other areas.  

I would say that we all want governmental services when we think we need them, we just do not want to pay for them.  We all want a clean environment, we just do not want this to inconvenience us in any way.  

Ultimately the best decisions are made from both parties talking to one and another.  Unfortunately, the Karl Rove and the Tea Party do not negotiate.  So we have a dysfunctional government and an obstructionist Republican party.

We can have a functional government again. We just need to have the guts to kick out the extremists. We need to reward politicians that have a true knowledge of the issues, and are willing to work across the isle with the moderates on the other side.  For those who know me I will say it again.  We need to get the corporate influence out of politics so we can return it to the people.  

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