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I'm literally writing this diary thru tears... as most of you probably know, Ann Coulter Tweeted Monday night during the Presidential debate and referred to President Obama as a "retard"...

As anyone who's ever followed my commentary in this forum can attest, I have zero tolerance for "retard as a putdown" and it's an automatic HR from me, regardless of the context... understanding that Ann Coulter would have long ago sported the Bojo here, rather than hang a donut on her, I'll hang the worst possible descriptive I can on her spindly, narcissistic ass... another "R" word... "repulsive"... as in "Ann Coulter is a repulsive woman"... because really, nothing rips her to her core more than the realization that her preening, mantis-bodied visage is repulsive on every level... no need for any sexist modifier, no need to insinuate that she's anything other than what she is... a repulsive woman...

I'm crying right now because I've just come across the brilliant open letter to Ann Coulter written by Special Olympian John Franklin Stephens, a young man who I just this evening became familiar with... he so thoroughly eviscerates the repulsive Ann Coulter in a manner no one else could even imagine, much less pull off... because he speaks from his heart... the heart of a young man with Down Syndrome, not unlike a young man I literally knew my entire life... my Uncle Jimmy... a fellow Special Olympian... John Franklin Stephens speaks to Ann Coulter in exactly the same voice my Uncle Jimmy would have spoken to her... kindly, respectfully and unflinchingly... my Uncle Jimmy would have spoken the truth to Ann Coulter in the same way John Franklin Stephens does... I cried when I read this because I heard it in Jimmy's voice... please read this exquisite piece if you haven't already:

This is for you, Jimmy... I love you and miss you every day...

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