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I have had a few recent observations and questions about things that are bothering me lately:


Are we REALLY going to let Election Day come and go without first requiring Romney to disclose his tax returns?  With Donald Drunk demanding to see Obama's school records, I think this is the perfect time to revive the issue, as the importance of Romney's recent tax records would certainly outweigh exposing the school records Obama's past.  It seems like that story of the tax returns is now in the past, when it should be front and center with all the other reasons not to vote for him.  How many people planning to vote for Romney would still do so if they knew he had not paid any taxes for ten years?


In the hours following the attack and murder of the Libyan Ambassador, did it really matter whether the President called the attack an act of terrorism vs. announcing that it was part of the protest of an anti-Muslim film - a protest which was occurring at the same time?  Why would that matter?  If the President is taking the proper measures during that time, regardless of what category the murder falls into, and he was taking the appropriate actions at that time, what do we care what the attack was called?  What's with the non-issue here?


It wasn't terrorism.  It was a planned attack on an American diplomat.  A murder.  Not a terrorist attack.  Yes other bystanders were also killed, but that was only to get to a specifically targeted person.  This is not the same as if they had pulled a truck of explosives up to the Embassy and set it off, with no concern of who gets killed.  That would be terrorism.  So why is it so important to Romney conservatives that the President may not have immediately called it an act of terrorism?  And why didn't President Obama simply answer with the fact that it WASN'T a terrorist act?  

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  •  My two cents (0+ / 0-)

    The tax thing is a non-starter. Unfortunately, Mitt and Co. got away with simply saying no.

    I agree that the cause of the Libya attack is less important than it's made out to be. And the media just seems suckered into beating the topic like a dead horse. But the Right would say it matters because they believe Obama's team chose a more politically convenient narrative -- that the attack was spontaneous and caused by a video, as opposed to being a planned (and therefore, foreseeable) plot.  

    Obama will never say it's not terrorism because the word is obligatory these days. If you don't call it terror, you're not taking it seriously enough. But in reality, I don't think anyone (voters) cares.  And conservatives will drop it after the election.

    •  I was a bit disappointed . . . (0+ / 0-)

      in the lack of response to my brief diary.

      I was especially sorry that no one discussed my final point - that the attack was not, in fact, a terrorist attack.  I am stating this as fact, not opinion.  Yet no one agreed, disagreed, or responded that they felt it was an important point.

      I think that is one of the most important thing that is being missed in the coverage of the campaigns.  By stating that every attack on an American is terrorism, we are cheapening the term.  

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