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Staples/Bain News:

Romney acknowledged at the time that there were no other cases in which a separate class of securities was created for the benefit of one individual. He also said that as an investor through Bain, he had never seen that kind of a device used before.

Romney created this special "fake" stock for the guy's divorce settlement, then ripped off the ex wife. Romney designed this fraud from the ground up. Perfectly legal evidently. Just like the banks during the economic collapse. But putrid and rotten like a lawyer's toe fungus. That's Romney's Bain Capital. A spoiled brat pseudo-religious boy's club sticking it to the women who don't roll over and kiss their feet.

Sleazy as hell.

Under a plan approved by Romney and other board members in 1988, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg was given 500,000 shares of Staples common stock, then awarded a special ‘‘D'’ class of stock in exchange for those shares. She sold about half of the shares only to learn that those sold holdings would have been valued higher in a 1989 public offering of Staples stock.

In testimony Romney said he backed the deal to give Stemberg’s wife a special class of stock ‘‘as a favor to Tom. It was something that was done in my opinion, it was initiated as a favor. Tom needed to have a settlement with his wife so that was the genesis of it.’’


Stemberg’s ex-wife wants to give the public her opinion of Romney but can’t unless the order is lifted.


Maureen Sullivan Stemberg sued her husband in 1990, arguing that he had failed to reveal the true value of Staples stock in their property settlement agreement.

Romney and his boys are some seriously sleazy assholes. If America wasn't already so numb to how unethical and depraved Romney and his new generation of Tea Party sleaze are, he'd be unelectable. Imagine George W. Bush or Bush Sr, much less Reagan doing something like this. Unelectable.


Originally posted to tigercub on Fri Oct 26, 2012 at 01:31 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Bain Files.

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