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Oh my. I watched clips of the president today, his voice scarred by overuse, his crisp white sleeves rolled up, grabbing the podium in a way that hoped to launch his spirit of YES, STILL, hope. After all, "Forward" is just another word for hope.  

I am so impressed by the president's continual respect for me, the voter.  He asks me for his belief in him.  He tells me he wants to carry on, that he believes in me, and he hopes I still believe in him.

Now. I'm considerably to the left of the president. Frankly, my number one choice for the 2016 contest would be Bernie Sanders. Ha Ha, I know my chances here. Yes, I consider myself a Democratic Socialist. BUT, like Bernie, I know the realities of this country, and like him, I participate in the battle fully, willing to make the best choice I have, to work within the realities of the system. This is what Bernie does SO freaking well, but that's another diary.

Follow me below the orange pig in a blanket (hot dog wrapped up in pastry---see Shelley Duvall in "Welcome to LA") to discuss how we won't know what we had till we lose it.


This Barack Obama is something else, on so many levels. First of all, most of us cannot begin to appreciate what it might have taken for this guy to rise from where he did to the president of the United States.  Many a rich white man has taken FAR longer to get there.

This Barack Obama is tougher than the media will ever give him credit for. Accept that, and move on.

This Barack Obama is an ACE competitor, leaves nothing on the road, fights like Ali---floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

This Barack Obama is smarter than this country will let him be. Make no mistake about it, this president is a prisoner of US---our collective reluctance to catch up to him. Now I know, many here will scoff at this, tell me about the mistakes he has made, and yes he has made mistakes. And, some will tell me that Barack Obama is a hopeless centrist, but they will do so ignoring that his number one duty to the Democratic party is to get re-elected.  If he doesn't manage that, doesn't much matter what else he does. See Jimmy Carter, no disrespect intended. AND, this is why the right wants Obama to be like Jimmy Carter, but he's not. He's something else few who haven't traveled his journey can understand.

This Barack Obama sets me back on my Democratic Socialist heels.  Because I KNOW I'm looking at something I won't see again anytime soon, and frankly, probably not again in my lifetime. For so many reasons, I feel exhausted at the thought of trying to list them.

Bill Clinton was a great and bonny Democrat. And he still is, and I'm grateful for him in this race. But I didn't see then, nor do I see now, that certain magic that Barack brings with him.  Even Bill admits he did not face what Barack Obama has faced.  And this president has done it with unending dignity, in the face of SO MUCH HATE.

You know, I just had to write this all out. Because now is my time to say so, before he wins---and yes, I absolutely believe he will win---and then he will once again become fair game on this site.

Yes, consider this a love letter to a man who I have disagreed with, a man who cannot equal my highest hopes, the way Bernie Sanders does.  But, nevertheless, a man who makes me tip my hat, and my heart to him, in a way that humbles me, despite our disagreements.

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