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Why is the presidential race so close right now?  Romney is a flip flopping lying liar who won't come clean on his taxes, most likely for criminal reasons. And the American public is supporting him?  How can this happen?  And why is the Obama camp not running hard against the Republican led House and the obstructionist Senate minority? The case is crystal clear in charts and graphs just how anti-American they were. They have historically low approval ratings for a reason, yet they have not felt the heat from Obama.  

It seems like a missed opportunity.  Contrasting the legislative accomplishments of his first 2 years vs. the last 2 years of Republican obstruction will help innoculate the President to the "economy isn't good enough" complaint because he will be pinning  some blame on the Republicans.  The current Congress has abysmal favorability ratings for a reason, and responsibility for their failures and inaction should be put squarly at the feet of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  As standard-bearers for Republicans, we should expect the same agenda from Romney and his new Cabinet as the House pushed for the last 2 years: Anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-safety net, anti-American in so many ways.

Romney may be a slippery snake oil salesman, etch-a-sketching his way through each of the last 3 debates.  And now he's stealing a slight lead in the national polls.

But he can't squirm away from the exceedingly unpopular Republican Do-Nothing House and the Won't-Let-You-Do-Nothin Republican Senate Minority.  Obama can sink his teeth into both the extreme policies passed in the Republican House and their policy of unprecedented obstruction in the Senate.  

President Obama's campaign needs to remind everyone that not only would a President Romney be picking any Supreme Court nominees, but think about it... Health & Human Services Secretary? Education Secretary? EPA, Energy, State, Defense?  And who is going to fill those important positions? The same people who have been pushing extreme policies and blocking over a dozen jobs bills that President Obama sent them, all just for their political gain.

But President Obama has to do more than just complain to voters how mean they were to him. He also has to offer a solution, and the President needs to make his case for a congressional mandate to fix the economy.

First, the President should ask for and campaign for an enhanced Senate Democratic majority, with promise to tighten up the filibuster rules so there is no more people talking in quiet rooms™ with their secret holds.  No, he needs to get Majority Leader Harry Reid on the record promising to change those rules. That's how you deliver the kind of change of the status quo that we expected after 2008.

But there is more work that seems to have been being neglected.  If we can have any hope of reclaiming the House, we have to repair years of demonization of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by FOX and the right wing megaphone$.  We know her grit and determination, and she has an amazing record as speaker to prove it.  But she is damaged, and she is part of the Democratic brand. She needs to have one of those moments where people can empathize and relate to her, and realize she is on their side.

As the right and left hands of President Obama on the 2 years when he had greater control of Congress, Pelosi and Reid delivered.  And every day I realize more and more just how important passing Obamacare was.  But we need to rehabilitate the images of these leaders who took the hits for the team, because people won't put them back into power if you don't. And it reflects on President Obama when his party's congressional leaders both have deeply underwater approval ratings.

Well... Rant over, I suppose, but I feel like we are really missing something fundamental about why the public is not moving in massive numbers to the Democrats right now.  

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    DarkestHour, For Dean in Dixie

    ~ Nothing insightful to say ~

    by EagleOfFreedom on Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 12:05:30 AM PDT

  •  I think it's just (1+ / 0-)
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    The people who hate this President would vote for a Pile of Shit as long as it was painted red.

    •  No, there's not a majority of them (1+ / 0-)
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      There's probably a good 30-40% of them for sure. But there's the chunk in between the conservatives and the progressives that is being scared into voting against their own interests... Romney and Ryan have succeeded in muddying the waters on Medicare, and seniors are actually going for these jokers in wide margins in key states.

      ~ Nothing insightful to say ~

      by EagleOfFreedom on Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 12:14:52 AM PDT

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  •  agree 100% but it is too late to raise this now (0+ / 0-)

    Obama had the bully pulpit available to him, with 50+ million Americans watching carefully each time, and he refused to even mention the unified republican congressional opposition that has hampered all efforts to make the economy recover faster.

    This is clearly a strategic decision.  One which I think is every bit as stupid and politically damaging as his strategy in the first debate.

    I am puzzled as to why the Obama campaign team would choose to avoid the winning FDR/Truman/Reagan approach of campaigning against your rabid opposition and asking the American people to give you a Congress that will work with you.

    I believe that a campaign where Obama championed Democrats in all the downticket Senate and congressional races would have led to both his re-election and to majorities in both houses.  That's still a possibility, mainly due to Republican candidate craziness, but also possible is a thin Obama win along with a Republican House and Senate.   Anyone want to guess how long it'd be in that scenario before O threw SS, Medicare, and Medicaid onto the bargaining table?

    Instead, the Obama campaign chose to make the race all about Obama vs Mitt - the other guy is scary; our guy is more likeable and presidential.  And gave NO explanation for why the recovery has been so weak.

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