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For a Democrat of a certain age there have been scant few times where I have been able to chant "Four More Years!", to shout with zeal "FOUR MORE YEARS", to fervently cheer "FOUR! MORE! YEARS!". In fact this is merely the third occasion in my lifetime. Only once before have those cries been answered with a "hallelujah!", (or even a "Woot!!!1!"). There have been three too many times where I have bemoaned someone else's exultant "Four More Years!". It may be hyperbole to claim at this time, in this election, that it is more important than ever to have "Four More Years". But when I look at the critical choice we face, when I look at the long reaching consequences of a victory for the other side, when I look at how disturbingly close this race is, I find that a future with Mitt Romney as President is even scarier to me than Sarah Palin being a lack of a "John McCain heartbeat" away from the presidency. (OK. It is really, really Really! close, but when I throw in Lyin' Ryan being a "heartbeat away"... it puts this election over the top.) No matter what, either a John McCain presidency four years ago, or a Mitt Romney presidency now would not be "Good News for America!" or a "Tie" for the world...

Now,... I am not a woman, nor do I have daughters, I am not gay, bisexual, or transgendered, nor am I unemployed, and I do not check anything other than Caucasian on census forms.

So with that sort of privilege, who am I to worry about a republican presidency?!?!

Jump over the Orange Hedge-Row if you want to know...

I am a husband to a wonderful woman who is smart, beautiful, and educated. A woman who has taught the privileged, those underprivileged, and most importantly those children with special needs  She has taught them and showed more respect for everyone of her students than the republican party shows to teachers.

Four More Years.

I am a Father of two incredible sons, and I want the world to be open to them. The father of two sons that within the next four years will either be in college, or on the door step of college. Two sons that deserve the audacity of hope for the future of their world.

Four More Years.

I am a Nurse who spends three to four nights a week working the front lines of healthcare, and I see the problems caused by inadequate healthcare system every night.

Four More Years.

I am a man who respects and values the gift that is scientific inquiry, the heartfelt pleasure of music, the drive for physical and mental improvement in athletics, the heart wrenching emotive force of dance, the power of the written word, the soul lifting capacity of the arts, the psychological nourishment of play, and the need for all of these components to be an integral part of education.

Four More Years.

I am a man who loves and respects the outdoors, the cool crispness of an autumn night, the soaring sights of reaching a mountain top, the gentleness of a stream through a meadow, the roar of an ocean wave; and I understand that the world is changing, and that just as we must work to protect the home we live in, and the neighborhood where we reside, we must work as a group to protect this big blue home of ours from unsustainable change.

Four More Years.

I am a man who understands that a woman's right to choose is a moral right that cannot be denied.

Four More Years.

I am a man who believes that we all have the right to love the person of your choice, and to have that love honored and respected and legalized by the state in marriage.

Four More Years.

I am a man who believes in a legislative and judicial system that protects the rights of people, especially the rights of those people who are in some way a minority.

Four More Years.

I am a man who believes we have the individual right to our own spirituality and if desired communal worship, and even more importantly to individually be free from the worship and the spiritual choices of others when they are not our own.

Four More Years.

I am a man who believes in the rights of all workers to be paid a fair, equitable, and living wage, for we have a moral responsibility to for all of us to contribute to and provide for the welfare of all members of society, and that when we do this, society as a whole prospers.

Four More Years.

I am a man, and I believe that to dwell in, live with, and rule through fear leads to the destruction of that which you love. I believe that when you dwell in, live with and rule through love, you overcome all that you fear.

Thus I am a man who believes that the choice we make tomorrow, is a clear choice, an important choice, and a choice that ultimately will have an effect that last much longer than...

Four More Years.

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