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I live in Nebraska.
I catch a lot of grief here on DKOS.

I don't care because I grew up true blue, in Chicago.
People have told me, "I don't trust YOU!"
I don't care.

I don't have a vote to decide a President.
Like Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma... Nebraska votes for Obama are meaningless.

I decided 4 years ago to get involved, into states that matter.

I signed up with and did limited (not as much as I could) work last cycle.

This time, I decided to put a lot more effort into it.
Starting right after the convention, I started again with MoveOn.
They have a great calling tool... seems well organized, and I fit with the program.

But I still want to cast a vote for President Obama, in a state, that decides an election!

This morning, I picked up the phone again (I took today and tomorrow off just to work phonebanks). The tone and excitement is better today. Calls into Ohio were greeted with more enthusiasm.
I'm getting people to get out and work on GOTV at a good rate! With MoveOn, we work the volunteers... not the voters.

And then my 2,819th call...

I called "Carl".
Carl was there... we talked. He's elderly, tired... doing poorly.
He cussed out Romney... he had good reasons too!

"So, Carl? Have you voted yet?"
He went on to explain he hadn't, and he probably wouldn't. He couldn't "get out". He didn't think to get an absentee ballot. He and his brother... would vote for Obama, but they couldn't get to the polls.

Being proactive, I jotted down their information, got their home address, and told them I'd be calling them right back.

I already had their local OFA office googled and placed a call into it. Richard answered.
Richard said polls were open 2 more hours in Ohio for early voting, and he has someone that could go get the gentlemen, and get them voted!

I called the guys back a few minutes later to tell them to get their shoes on! You're going to vote, right now! As I was talking with them, Carl said, "Hey... hold on; someone is at the door!"
"Carl... it's your driver! Let me talk to him!"

Needless to say, we got Carl and Donald dressed, got 'em out the door, and probably just about now, they're standing voting booths!

This is about as good as it gets living in a red state.
I got me TWO votes... for Obama, IN OHIO!

Thanks, everyone.
Thanks to Richard too. He was all for getting these guys voted too!

What a day! (I'm shaking... so exciting!)

Originally posted to Nebraska68847Dem on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 10:19 AM PST.

Also republished by DK Poli.

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