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I thought I might as well try it again.

In 2008, I was fortunate enough to partner up with Nate Silver just as he was launching 538. I hit the road with the inimitable Sean Quinn and took the photos to accompany his reporting. In his '95 Ford Escort, we drove east across the country, through almost twenty swing states, covering the ground game being played between Senators McCain and Obama. It was a pretty epic 8 week trip.

As the campaign heated up, I felt the itch. Nate was at the Times, and I hear they already have a photographer or two. So I contacted Talking Points Memo, packed up my '98 Volvo, and headed east from San Francisco. The photos below are the result of 16,745 miles, a couple laps around the continental US, and an overwhelming number of peanut butter sandwiches.

Hope you enjoy.

Obama in Kent OH-1
The president speaks to students at Kent State in Ohio. "Forward."

Michelle at Kenyon College OH-1
Michelle Obama tells students at Kenyon College in Ohio to rearrange their weekend plans and take their dates to GOTV.

Virginia Field Offices-11
Bob registers a voter in Roanoke, Virginia.

Clinton and Biden in Youngstown OH-2
Students at a Biden rally with President Clinton in Youngstown, Ohio.

Romney in Cleveland OH-3
Mitt Romney talks to supporters two days before the election, who are holding signs that read "Can't lose" - Cleveland, Ohio

Obama on Cleveland Tarmac- OH-4
Obama campaigns in front of Air Force One on the tarmac in Cleveland.

Obama on Cleveland Tarmac- OH-3
The crowd on the tarmac watches Air Force One land.

Biden Arrives for VP Debate-2
Biden arrives on Air Force Two for the VP Debate in Kentucky. He looked like he was ready.

Biden in Sun City Center FL-4
Joe Biden with Senator Bill Nelson at a retirement home in Sun City Center, Florida.

Reno - Obama Supporters (11)
A volunteer makes calls for the President at a campaign office in Reno, Nevada.

Clinton and Biden in Youngstown OH-14
Bill Clinton gives a math lesson in Youngstown, Ohio.

Obama in Kent OH-5
The President high fives a child in the audience at Kent State.

Ann Romney in Milwaukee-6
Ann Romney leads the crowd to pray for victory for her husband in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Biden in Ottumwa & Grinnell IA-38
A student of Grinnell College listens to the Vice President talk about marriage equality in Iowa.

Clinton in Chillicothe OH-7
Bill Clinton, with no notes or teleprompter, speaks for an hour just riffing off the day's headlines - Chillicothe, Ohio.

Obama in Kent OH-2
President Obama talks about integrity at Kent State, Ohio.

Michelle at Kenyon College OH-5
Michelle Obama talks about why she married her husband, "I didn't just marry him because he's fine. Character. I married him because of his character."

Ryan in Sabina OH-14
Paul Ryan caption contest! - Sabina, Ohio

Colorado Supporters-17
Obama standing on GOTV packets at a field office in Denver.

Biden in Ottumwa & Grinnell IA-16
Uncle Joe hugs a woman at a rally in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Obama in Kent OH-10
Obama in Kent, Ohio.

Colorado Supporters-8
A UC-Boulder student canvases the apartment buildings adjacent to campus, registering voters.

Obama in Hilliard-3
Obama looking like superman at the fair grounds in Hilliard, Ohio.

Ryan in Cincinnati OH-1
KY Senator Rand Paul introduces Paul Ryan at Byer Steel in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Romney 9/11 Speech to National Guard Assocation (09)
Mitt Romney delivers commemorative 9/11 remarks to the National Guard Association in Reno, Nevada.

Romney 9/11 Speech to National Guard Assocation (04)
They listen.

Michelle at Kenyon College OH-6
Michelle in front of a 150-foot flag at Kenyon College.

Romney and Christie in Mount Vernon- OH-7
The Romney campaign loved to hold events at manufacturing plants in Ohio. This one was American Spring Wire in Bedford Heights.

Obama in Kent OH-3
Obama brushes off his handlers to take an extra second to take a photo with some Kent State students.

Colorado Supporters-1
A field office, a volunteer, and an organizer in Denver.

Obama in Hilliard-1
Obama in Hilliard a couple days before the election.

Ryan in Yellow Springs OH-5
Paul Ryan talks about football at Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio. There were a lot of pretty pumpkins.

Ryan in Cincinnati OH-3
You can actually see the halo around the GOP's golden boy in this one - Cincinnati, Ohio

Obama in Hilliard-28
A volunteer passes out flags before Obama gets on stage in Hilliard, Ohio.

Biden in Burlington Iowa-18
Biden calls a few supporters himself while visiting volunteers at a field office in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Obama in Milwaukee-14
Obama eagerly attacks the rope line in Milwaukee after giving his stump speech in the rain.

Ryan in Lima OH-22
Paul Ryan sings "Can't Stop Believin" in Lima, Ohio.

Ryan in Cincinnati OH-11
VIP section of rebar - Cincinnati, Ohio

Romney and Ryan in Fisherville VA-1
A huge crowd shows up to a Romney/Ryan rally to listen to Trace Atkins in Fisherville, Virginia.

Romney and Christie in Mount Vernon-9
Well before Hurricane Sandy, Chris Christie on the stump with Romney in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Jim Messina (1) - VP Debate Surrogates
Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, in the spin room after the VP debate in Kentucky.

Romney and Ryan in Canton OH-6
Romney thinks it's time to get mad, mad as hell - Canton, Ohio.

Ryan in Yellow Springs OH-17
A woman holds a sign at a Ryan rally in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Clinton and Biden in Youngstown OH-1
A woman in Youngstown is very happy to see President Clinton again.

Clinton and Biden in Youngstown OH-15
1 + 1 = 2 - Youngstown, Ohio.

Obama in Mentor OH-15
An Obama rally in Mentor, Ohio.

Virginia Field Offices-2
Earl making signs at Obama HQ in Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Field Offices-13
Volunteer training at an Obama office in Roanoke, Virginia.

Michelle at UNC-1
Michelle Obama at UNC Chapel Hill.

A Yak
A yak I saw on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina after the Michelle Obama event. He'd get some votes.

Colorado Supporters-24
UC-Boulder students registering folks to vote.

Colorado Supporters-13
Canvas packets at a field office in Boulder, Colorado.

Michelle at Kenyon College OH-16
Michelle hasn't lost her charm.

Reno - Romney Supporters (03)
A Romney volunteer canvasing in Reno, Nevada.

Obama in Las Vegas (4)
Obama waving to a crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biden in Ottumwa & Grinnell IA-4
Biden speaks to students in Grinnell, Iowa.

Clinton and Biden in Youngstown OH-25
Biden: "I'm not used to being introduced by President Clinton. It used to be the other way around." - Youngstown, Ohio

Ryan in Lima OH-6
Romney supporters pray for Paul Ryan at an event in Lima, Ohio.

Obama in Milwaukee-1
Obama fired up after giving his speech in the rain in Milwaukee.

Romney in Cleveland OH-3
Romney at yet another steel plant in Bedford Heights, Ohio.

Biden in Ottumwa & Grinnell IA-9
Biden works for a man who says what he means and means what he says - Ottumwa, Iowa.

Biden in Sun City Center FL-9
Ashley Biden with her father at a campaign event in Sun City Center, Florida.

Biden in Sun City Center FL-13
Florida Senator Bill Nelson listens to Joe Biden at the same event.

Biden in Burlington Iowa-10
Biden campaigns at the port of Burlington in Iowa.

Ohio Field Offices-3
A phone bank at Romney HQ in Columbus, Ohio.

Biden in Ottumwa & Grinnell IA-36
Biden talks to supporters at a coffeeshop in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Ryan in Cincinnati OH-5
The Straight Talk Express got a new paint job.

Obama in Kent OH-16
Anticipation at Kent State, Ohio.

KY Debate Spin Room-5
Mitch McConnell drinking through a straw to preserve his makeup before a Fox News interview.

Obama on Cleveland Tarmac- OH-1
Obama deplanes Air Force One in Cleveland.

Obama on Cleveland Tarmac-13
Obama crosses the tarmac and bounds onto stage.

Romney and Ryan in Canton OH-4
Paul Ryan thinking about the future at a Romney event in Canton, Ohio.

Obama in Las Vegas (7)
Obama in Las Vegas.

Michelle at Kenyon College OH-2
Michelle in Gambier, Ohio.

Obama in Mentor OH-16
Preaching to the choir in Mentor, Ohio.

And a special bonus: The last campaign stop of Obama life, the day before the election - Columbus, Ohio, with Jay-Z & The Boss:

Last Campaign Stop - Jay-Z

Last Campaign Stop - Bruce

Last Campaign Stop - The Prez, the Boss, and Jay

Obama in Hilliard-8
For each of you who voted or volunteered, there is a thankful President.

Thanks for looking! You can see the rest of my photos from the 2012 campaign on my Flickr page.


5:56 PM PT: Had a couple requests for prints, so if you're looking, you can find my contact at

Originally posted to Brett Marty on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 05:15 PM PST.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse.

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