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let's take a moment here to remember the true losers of this campaign - Karl Rove, Crossroads GPS, and all those billionaires who threw hundreds of millions of dollars representing a puny fraction of their wealth at this election trying to buy their way into Government - their attempts to remake democracy in their image suffered a serious setback, and that makes me even happier than seeing Obama re-elected -

but seriously, Karl - if Sheldon calls you and says "Hey - come on out to the desert 40 miles east of Las Vegas and I'll show you where I'm going to sink my next 100 million"  - or if the Koch Brothers call and say "Hey Karl, come on out to the gun range this weekend"

like dude, take a raincheck - especially for trips out to the desert or into the subbasement where the foundation for a new building is being laid - call in sick for a couple years - you don't think Jimmy Hoffa was taken out by his opponents do you? - how much money did you piss away and how much of it was for naught?  I'm sure you can point to some wins, but how many races did you truly influence?

you pissed away a lot of good money friend - money that could have gone into job creation - how many hookers and blow dealers did you rob from to fill that sinkhole with?   And on Fox you are like "wait, no - it CAN'T be over"  - the LOL's keep coming

keep it real Karl - we are the people of the United States of America, and if you think saying some nasty things a few hundred million times on TV can actually buy you an election - we'll see you back in 2016 - bring your checkbooks and your billionaires -

and to quote your old boss - Bring It On


EDIT - HOLY CRAP - the REC List tonight of all nights?!!?!?  honored and humbled - and I was just going to go to bed but I'll be back tomorrow - pax, DK - u earned it :)

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