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"The President has to reach out across the aisle and work with Republicans"

This appears to be the conclusion that many pundits are reaching from the election result.

President Obama has to reach across the aisle ...

Let us get one thing straight ... No he fucking doesn't!

We need to be very clear about this, practical politics aside, just for the moment.

America .... these United States, and a majority of her people have just soundly, loudly and very publicly REJECTED the Right .

We have just had four years of allowing the minority in government to set much of the agenda. They have obstructed social justice. They have hampered the economy and they have attacked every demographic group that is not white men, particular the rich ones.

America voted, and Americans, a majority of them, voted for the other guy.

America does not want a "Grand Bargain". The American people are a broadly center-left population who despise the Tea-Party, distrust Republicans, and want Barack Obama to succeed.

We do not need to work across the aisle .... THEY DO!

The GOP has to come to the table and realise that they were spurned. That Americans voted for better Democrats. The electorate supported Marriage Equality, legal marijuana, and women.

Boy did they support women.

Americans, in their tens of millions, stood shoulder to uterus with their women, and flatly rejected the misogyny that has taken root in our political landscape.

In one of the worst economic situations ever faced by a sitting President, Barack Obama won in a landslide. He won because he has the better ideas, and the GOP has none. He won because America does not like liars, and even the money, and the economy, could not climb that mountain. He won because America wants him for President.

That is not an aisle we need to cross. We own that aisle, it is a line in the sand and we will not cross it. If the GOP can't, then we will expose them and shame them. We will dare them to continue down their path of self-destruction, and we will ask the American people for their support; support they just gave.

If House Republicans don't get this, then we have but one task.

We have to pursue our agenda of financial fairness and social justice without them, and we will simply have to win without them.

Here is the political divide, Mr Boehner. Get your sorry ass over to this side.

Originally posted to Every Part of You Belongs to You on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 05:49 AM PST.

Also republished by The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

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