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I just had to go over to Red State this morning to see how they are handling this mess.  And wow....just wow.....imagine my surprise at the lead article:

The question that many of these politicos have not answered is this: how could we possibly be more moderate than we already are?  We ran with Dole in 1996, and we lost; we ran with McCain in 2008, and we lost; we ran with Romney, and we lost.  Romney took the issue of Obamacare off the table and barely attacked Obama directly for much of anything.  There was no potent conservative philosophy that was offered to provide voters with a sharp distinction between the parties.  The Republican convention was a pathetic Oprah show and the entire campaign was basically an advocacy of Obama’s policies, albeit with less enthusiasm.  And let’s not blame the loss on Paul Ryan and Medicare reform; he outperformed Bush and McCain with seniors.

Again, How could they possible be more moderate than they already are?  Just...amazing, really.  Moderate?  A campaign that did not reach out to minorities, that was homophobic, racist?  Moderate?  A candidate who said he would eliminate Planned Parenthood, who wanted to lower the tax rate for the wealthy?  A candidate who ONLY started to move up in the polling when he moved to the middle  (which was a lie itself.)  

And then there is this:

We must also remember that not all of the losses occurred in states with heavy minority populations.  Romney lost Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.  Moreover, Romney won the precious Independent vote, so our message obviously isn’t turning off too many people in the middle.  The bottom line is that the dependency demographic has grown, and they will be dead-set against any Republican, as witnessed by Romney’s performance.  Moderating our stance on one or two issues will not fundamentally alter the calculus of the youth vote.  If they are inexorably against us because of social issues, that same culture that drives them to the dark side of morals will entrench them into an incorrigible sense of entitlement and dependency.
So if you support gay rights, if you support choice, you also only want entitlements?  Talk about missing the point of last

Of course I am happy to see this article on the top of Red State, because it completely misses what happened last night, and what is happening all across this nation.  Texas, though still red, is slowly moving to blue, and as the Latino vote grows the GOP shrinks.

There is also this from the article, something that made me spit my coffee out:

For all the talk of the need to moderate in order to win, Obama ran the most divisive, radical, and negative campaign, while Romney ran a relentlessly positive campaign with incessant promises to work with the other side.  People are attracted to a show of strength, not a promise of bipartisanship, which smacks of insecurity in one’s own virtues and ideas.
Really?  These are the same people who reject facts, who supported Romney's incessant lying during the campaign, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars attacking Obama (81 percent of the money spent in this campaign was anti - Obama or pro-Romney).  

As Democrats we wake up from defeat and face reality, Conservatives, on the other hand, wake up in a time warp and continue their journey backward attempting to create an America that no longer exists, and an America that wasn't all they thought it was.

The GOP times warp has obviously damaged their critical thinking skills, and they fail to see that the "good ole days," were not that good for minorities, women, the middle class, the poor and seniors.  No, the good ole days are just something that they created in their mind, and it will only continue to exist in their mind.


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