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“Corporations are people my friend” he was quoted to have said during the republican nomination contest. Some of us are flabbergasted how a successful business executive like Romney could make such a statement. We even make jest of him.  Most of us however did not believe that he meant what he says.

However, reading this Politico article tells me that Romney corporations are people statement is not a gaffe, may be a Freudian slip at best.  
 Follow me below the fold for my own take on the Spreadsheet Campaign LLP

The strategy at Romney Bain was to look for weaknesses in a corporation and exploit it to Their advantage. It is the same way he runs his campaign. Spreadsheet campaign LLP. The campaign is an LLP because it is a partnership between Romney and his billionaire friends.

“We didn’t think they’d turn out more of their base vote than they did in 2008,
Even if they believe this is correct, is  their a reason while they should not go out and work hard to increase their own turn out? the answer is the same. Spreadsheet campaign like his business is to  pump up return expectation to investors. Look at this:
Romney supporters point to a series of brash statements made by advisers that seem out of touch with reality in retrospect. Inside the Beltway
They talked up their stock and the investor pay premium price for it. However, people are not corporation and corporation are not people.
Romney bundlers and mega donors were optimistic Tuesday afternoon as they mingled in the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel lobby, picking up their donor packets and prepping for a private party before what they believed would be a Romney victory
These investors find out too late that they have been sold worthless garbage. You can not unload this kind of stock. For this I am grateful for Citizen united for a trickle down from billionaires we were unable to get through tax cut. I mean they must have creates few jobs with all the money they gave to the campaign

That was how he became a successful business executive, I refuse to call him a successive business person. Business person create value, they understand and respect customers. it is unfortunate we don't distinguished between the two in our society. Romney did not understand customers and the electorate. even if they did not like meat you will not be able to sell them empty box telling them ot to open it until Christmas in this case after the election. They can feel that the box is empty without opening it. They understand they can not return this empty box after the election. They are not as stupid as the so call sophisticated investors.  

Romney doesn't  create value, he exploit value creators. He  is used to looking for companies, lacking enough money to compete successfully, taken them over with borrowed money, socialized the loses to uncle SAM and become the winner.

 He expect the same result from an election. He doesn't have to take advantage of his opponent perceived weaknesses to build value for his campaign. No, all he just have to do is to exploit it. hence the Libya incident press conference. Just as a comparison, when Sandy hit eastern sea board, Chris Christie use the opportunity to create political value instead of exploiting it as a political advantage.

People are not corporations. People have feelings and emotion.
A drop in enthusiasm is not equal to a drop in support, especially when your opponent is still raking in more money from  the same source(small donors).

If you base your strategy and enthusiasm according to the politico article  on the fact that the president's supporters will not turn out as much as they did in 2008 and your own success on the volume of people turning up at your campaign event. You will always be a loser in a national campaign.

Human beings are more than spreadsheet numbers as I always tell my boss.

As for the billionaires, if they show little respect for the guy crushing customer satisfaction numbers in their companies. He/she would have told them that the only deference between extremely satisfied and very satisfied is Net promoter score impact. Meaning extremely satisfied customers are most likely to recommend your product compare to very satisfied or satisfied customers who may or may not recommend   your product. Very satisfied customer will always stay with you unless something very bad happen.  Very dissatisfied customers on the other hand will most likely leave to try other product.

In Politics, Obama, favorable number is always good even when his job performance number is not that good. He has not fix the economy but he has make progress. Therefore, for the very satisfied/satisfied customer to leave him even though they are not as enthusiastic as they were in 2008 they must have a compelling reason(s).  
Let us considered the alternative product:

•    Let Detroit go bankrupt
•    I am not Obama
•    I have a plan to create job, trust me, I will show you after the election.
•    Trust me I will fix the deficit through tax cut
•    I love my father, but I will not follow his example when it comes to releasing my tax returns
•    My father was born in Mexico, Undocumented immigrants should self deport
•    I will cut taxes to reduce the deficits. Trust me I will show you after the election how the Math work
Then, the contradiction from his base black people are lazy they don't want to work(coded as the food stamp president)/Black people will be discourage because the unemployment rate is high in the black community.

If Obama based his primary election strategy on rally and town hall turn out in 2008  he would have lost to Honorable secretary of state and his successor come 2016  Hilary Clinton.
Yes I am declaring for Hilary Clinton now. There is going to be too many good people in 2016 primary hence my early decision

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