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All Republicans, certainly, are not criminals. Lots of single-issue anti-abortion people are over there. Plenty of White racially-challenged people, too. Very few criminals.

The power brokers of the GOP are a different story. Immoral and criminal conduct make no difference to them. Losing elections? Not clear.

In early May and June of 2012 the RNC and the Capital Hill leadership of the GOP were informed that an investigation by Occupy Security had uncovered criminal conduct by Mitt Romney. Romney clinched the Republican nomination on May 29th.

Romney had caused an automobile accident in 1968 that killed a woman: Mrs. Leola Anderson. Then he had hidden it for years and in 2006/2007 had a forged newspaper article created to spoof major press. There is more and it is bad.

Validation for the briefing information included photographs, eye witness accounts, real newspaper articles, and other solid evidence. Romney's lies are memorialized severally, including in his biography, "The Real Romney" on pages 80-83.

Professional verification would have taken no more than a couple weeks time for an investigator -- which we offered to cover if they would retain someone reliable.

Over the summer this information was delivered to the large-scale GOP donors. Publication on the Internet was carried out at Daily Kos, Facebook, Fool Moon, and other sites.

No one responded.

This is the GOP's top guy, yet no one felt a duty to the country to check this out. Even with OccSec covering the bill, they refused to check out their presidential nominee. As it turned out, they had not done a single thing, apart from routine 7-year "Secret" F.B.I. checks.

Based on twenty years experience, the Big Money political criminals of the era have been Republicans. Corruption and dishonesty are their accepted standard. These criminals have built themselves a House of Sin.

Details below le chignon d'orange....

The starkest example of Republican incompetence this election cycle could be their failure to carry out routine background checks on their federal candidates. Or it might be that they don't care.

Mitt Romney was directly responsible for the death of Mrs. Leola Anderson in 1968. He has spent his adult life lying about it, building up a story that made him a hero for surviving the accident and recovering from a head injury.

The Republican Party knows all about it.
Same for the staffs of the big well-known donors.

One criminal act in 2006/2007 involved faking a Sud Ouest news article. That slanderous anti-Catholic piece in an English language version was used to spoof the newspapers: Le Monde, Examiner, Guardian, Boston Globe, NY Times. Mitt Romney was running for president. Dirty Tricks had returned to American politics, mimicking the very worst of the Nixon years in the early 1970s.

Mitt Romney describes his 1968 car wreck as a "high speed" collision on a "mountain curve." When Occupy Security's engineering resources got a look at photos from the day after the wreck, damage to the two cars did not match Romney's statements. Not at all.

In Romney's version the Mercedes was speeding (at 100+ kph / 70 mph) and that he went in full speed because he didn't have time to hit his brakes.

This photo depicts damage consistent with one car going 60 kph (40 mph) and the other close to dead stopped. Nowhere near what Romney described. We have pics of other Citroen DS's after high speed collisions. Every time they disintegrate and the passengers are savaged.

From there, identifying the other driver turned out to be a snap. Romney and his forgers/gangsters/dirty-tricksters created a fictional character, a "drunk priest" named "Albert Marie, age 46." Here's the man's picture:

Bishop Jean-Félix-Albert-Marie Vilnet, then 46. For a priest, a famous person in France. In the 1980s, president of the Council of Bishops. In the 1990s personal emissary of Pope Jean Paul II to Fidel Castro where he did the work that opened the door for an open church and such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta's four missions to serve the dying. Despite Romney, Bishop Vilnet was not drunk on sacramental wine as he drove two women home from Sunday Mass. Also, contrary to the faked Sud Ouest piece, investigation showed there had been no such person as Romney's invention: the drunk priest, "Albert Marie."

Other Romney statements included a claim that this person was prosecuted. False. Also a claim from David Wood, a Mormon missionary, that he had received "a settlement" from this person. Also false.

Then OccSec set about locating the accident site. Turns out that it wasn't in the mountains. It is at the outskirts of a small village in the middle of flat farm land. Across from the Post Office building:

Center lane fatality.

Romney was driving north from Pau toward Bazas. Bishop Vilnet was driving south, preparing to make the left turn onto rue de la Poste. As a guess Romney's vision could have been obstructed. He was participating in a conversation and he failed to exercise normal caution. He drove head-on into the southbound Left Turn lane and struck the Mercedes as you can see from the photo of the two cars. Mrs. Leola Anderson, 57, of Ogden UT and a mother of four, was killed.

She was the sixth passenger in the five-passenger Citroen DS. She did not have a seat belt.

This is Romney's "Chappaquiddick." What else? And the cover-up is criminal scumbag behavior, top to bottom.

The concrete traffic dividers on N524 were added in the years after this accident. In 1968 there were painted white lines on the roadway -- surely sufficient to inform Mitt Romney that he was crossing out of his rightful northbound lane.

The lying to cover this up is pure Romney. As crazy-dishonest as refusing to divulge his tax returns. This cover-up scheme is as outright criminal in the details as anything that Donald Segretti's crews or the Plumbers did for Richard Nixon.

In his biography, "The Real Romney," he claims to have been in "a three day coma" following the accident. Read pp. 80-83 in the biography. Eye witness reporting says otherwise and then there's Romney in a photo smiling as he talked with Andre Salarnier, the reporter/photographer.

Monday, evening edition, Ogden Standard-Examiner. Obituary of Mrs. Anderson:

Monday morning, 17-June-1968:

"A minor head injury and torn ligaments to an elbow."

Nice smile, eh?

Mitt was already blaming the other driver that Monday morning. Salarnier remembers both Romney and talking with Bishop Vilnet.

Ambassador Sargent Shriver came down from Paris and visited Mitt Romney in hospital. The French did not make a referral to national police. Records there show that there was no criminal investigation.

The Republican Party knows. RNC has all the evidence. Romney's main backers know. Theier staff people have the evidence. The political bureaucracies follow Daily Kos and the other internet sites. They all know though it is the responsibility of the Republicans to mind their own shop.

Know these people by their silence.

Killing a woman by carelessness does not matter. Not to the Republican power brokers. Lying does not matter. Forgery does not matter. Running a multiyear criminal conspiracy does not matter.

Morals do not matter, so long as the perp has not been exposed in public media.

They have no ombudsman. No independent security resource. No watch dog.

The GOP functions inefficiently as a political party. Its leaders give the priority to protecting well financed political criminals.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A note:

If Romney had been a clear threat to win the 2012 presidential election, we would have dumped the story out on a large scale, shamed the networks into covering it, and pulled Occupy Wall Street into the fight 10,000 strong to block this lying woman-killer.

No thanks to the GOP.

Liar and Killer

How you like that for a peoples' campaign poster ???

In New York we have had Wall Street "walk" after killing a woman. Enough is enough.

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