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I've been hoping someone else would notice this and post it here. I don't want to diary, I want to come here and read! The biggest smile for me November 6th, after winning of course, came in the moments before the President gave his victory speech. The 1st Family, on stage, in all our glory. Representing America. Being a mother of two girls a bit younger than the Obama's kids, I'm always looking at those beautiful girls when they make appearances.
As they're waving, Sasha tugs daddy and says, "look behind you, look behind you".
She didn't want him to ignore any of his supporters. The family turned and waved, and the folks 'in the back' went wild. Little Sasha's face beamed.
As we would say down south, "these kids have good home training". Or "they're not raised by wolves." Or "good rearing, these ones." We got a million of 'em.
The sweetness is around 00:42 .... enjoy.

Its been pointed out in the comments that this has indeed been diaried before on DKos.
I have NO idea how I missed these, I'm here several times a day!

That's great!
Something so touching can't ever be given enough enough light in my opinion.

Wonderful that something sweet has been propelled to the rec list by fellow Kossacks.
Its great to be able to come here and know like-minds & hearts will feel what I do -Usually.
Thank you guys.

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