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Ooooh, the right wing hates the election's result and they have decided in their infinite wisdom that the only way to "Save the country" is to destroy it.

So, I'm all ears.  I want to hear the plan.  Your petitions are nice and symbolic, but right now, you're just bullshitting.  You want your freedom, whatever the hell that is, blah blah, lots of nice words, but how exactly is it going to work?

(Things they need to consider on the flip)

I'm not even going to start with the military questions, since of course you'll claim that the bases in the secessionist states will belong to said states, etc...  Honestly, that's the easy one.

I want to know how you're going to set up a government which is founded upon the concept that if you lose an election, you get to secede?

Will every county be its own country in the long run?  With that many countries, practically every person will have full employment, simply to provide delegates to the UN.  OH, right, you don't believe in the U.N., so that particular gravy train won't be pulling into your station.  

I suppose that if you get right down to it, democracy really won't work after a secession, so you'll need to set up a dictatorship of some kind.  Knowing how you folks think, it'll probably be a theocracy, which is a bit of a killjoy for the non-believers.  But once again, the Right Wing loves some religious persecution, so, at least entertainment will be covered.

Have you given any thought to how you'll take care of landscaping once you've built your giant border fence?  Just a quick one, and a little flippant, but I recall alligators being mentioned at some point.

And last but certainly not least, with all those little countries, how exactly will you prevent bigger/stronger countries from coming in and taking your stuff.  Seeing as you don't believe that the government should fund anything at all, does that mean that you plan on fighting off all comers?  If the answer is yes, do you: A. Actually know how to fire a weapon, or are you planning on using your Call of Medal Of Honor Duty skillz?  B.  Have a plan in place to deal with paying for mercenaries, and if so, a contingency plan for when they're offered more money by your opposition?  

Finally, for those of you planning on seceding, just keep in mind that you don't tend to see bodies in the street in a well functioning country.  You tend not to have to dig slit trenches in places with public works.  And most of the time, Darwin doesn't come knocking on your door.

Oh, and you need a song...  Eh, can't find one to fit secession, so here's one to fit laughing at morons.

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