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In Response To:"Republicans Elect Skinhead In Pennsylvania"
"...whites will be a minority in the United States by 2050; ... it will be catastrophic to our country and well‐being. committed to REVERSING this anti‐white trend"
Link for article HERE:

How exactly will this "reversal" be implemented?
"Non-White" births account for about 50% of all births in the US, at this time. The "non-whites" are here and their numbers will continue to grow. Is "extermination" what you mean by "reversal"? Forced sterilization? FREE/forced birth control for "non-whites"? Electrified pens, next to "the gays", separated by gender, so they will eventually "die out", too?

With all of that, "YOU" remain angry, adamant and in denial of the use of the "false/made up" term "It's a War" on:
Gays, woman, blacks, "minorities", the poor, "non-Christians”, real Christians, Muslims, "other" spiritual/religious beliefs, non-spiritual/non-religious or anyone else that has a different opinion, belief, set of morals/values”, is just all made up and pulled out of our A$$'s for the sake of conversation.

First, go to your “special” place, with no noise, lights or distractions. Allow your “mind” to open itself up. Read everything that you/your ilk have written, spoken, opposed, legislated, attempted to legislate, forced, taken away or denied others.

Ok? You there yet?

Now, imagine that it is YOUR civil liberties, religious freedom and rights that are being legislated away and denied. That these “assaults” are being directed at what YOU hold dear and believe are guaranteed, to YOU, under our U.S. Constitution.

Think hard, take your time, I know you can do this!

Ok? You should now be at a place where you can no longer make personal decisions about your health, body, Viagra, penis, vagina, uterus, testicals, reproduction, unborn child. You are no longer able to consult your doctor about medical/personal health issues. You are now asking permission from your boss, “non-white”, all female, gay, Muslim elected legislators, anyone on the street that has a “moral objection”, to make a decision that you want to make about YOUR penis/vagina. The Koran is now quoted in all government buildings and public schools. The Muslim religion is now the “favored” religion and laws based on Muslim beliefs are being legislated across the country. You are being told that this is a Muslim nation and if you do not ilk it, you can leave.

Do you have the picture yet? Can you feel the pain of what has now been forced upon you, by a group of people that say the constitution only applies to them? That their religion will dictate how you will live your life. Their “morals” will now be your morals… because, as you/your ilk have said, there is only one right way of living/believing/worshiping/praying/legislating.

Yeah… you know what? Just go back in your hole because YOU, and YOUR kind, will never understand what that scenario is like. Your closed mind will NOT allow you to truly understand, believe, or accept, that our country is a diverse one. A country of many different colors, races, religions, orientations, morals, beliefs, vaginas and penis’.

Now, with that said, WE will not allow you, to force upon us, the painful scenario I just painted for you. You would consider my “new world view”, for you, un-American,  intolerable, an infringement on YOUR religious freedom, an assault on YOUR personal freedoms, a denial to make personal health care decisions with your “God given ability” to think and make decisions for yourself, because “we can do it better”. The horror that I painted for you is a reality you are fervently attempting to force upon us. Your desire to have your “picture” of a “utopia”, your world view of “my way is the only/best/righteous way”, is the horror that you have legislated/attempted to legislate/continue to legislate upon us, the citizens of the United States.

We will not force YOU to live in a Nation, with laws and religious freedoms, or lack thereof, dictated by those you disagree with, because WE are better than that. If you do NOT want another “religion” to be the favored religion, for your grandchildren (Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Atheist, etc.), than you better get off your high, “religious superior”, horse and accept that YOUR religion is NOT favored by the rest of us.

If you want:
...YOUR religious freedom protected, than you better be willing to protect the religious freedom of all of our citizens.
…to make your own healthcare decisions, without someone else getting “all up in your junk”, then you better stop trying to deny the rest of us that same right.
…to retain YOUR civil right to vote, even if the “majority”, or wealthy, disagree agree with you, then you better make sure that the civil right to vote, for all citizens, is protected.

The ONLY countries/governments that “purge” eligible voters or deny citizens their right to vote are those with dictators and believe “Democracy” is a dirty word.

We are America. We do not dictate.

Now, get this straight and hear “US” loud and clear:
We will NOT live in a Nation that is dictated by YOU, forced upon us and goes against everything OUR Constitution stands for. We will fight you and push back, HARD, every single step of the way. We will NOT bequeath our civil rights, liberty, and autonomy to you. If you want YOUR rights protected, then you best remember that YOUR rights end where mine begin, and especially where my VAGINA begins.

Any questions?

Christine Wells Mandell

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